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  • Alan Chong

    I still have this match on VHS with Fred Stolle commentating for Channel Nine in Australia. Connors had a 4-1 lead in the 2nd set so he was in a position to make it 1 set all!

  • Keith Hamilton

    Thank you for this. Heard a recentinterview where Connors said he never beat Borg at Wimby and Bjorn never beat him at Flushing. Jimbo must have forgotten this whipping he received in '81… great display by Bjorn!

  • Doctor Garbonzo

    After loosing in the Finals to Mac, Borg without saying a word retired from Tennis! He missed the entire trophy presentation & left USTA complex! He sort of stood everyone up! It was official a few days later & announced his retirement. It's only inevitable that he could have won a few more Slams! He was only 25.