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  • Dancing With The Stars

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  • J Hayes

    Maks+Meryl, a force where there's no interference. Of all the seasons of my watching DWTS, I've never seen Maks so positively calm and focused. Even while they are dancing an extremely physical routine, Maks is treating and handling Meryl as if she were a delicate, beautiful orchid. Meryl brings out the precision in Maks (not that he didn't have it before). Maks is a gentleman in her presense. The unassuming Meryl has an infectious character that allows the entire world to zoom in on her. Now, Meryl is the goddess of the tango. I thought she outdid the competition when she danced the Argentine Tango with Val. This tango had a slight edge, it was fast, their lines, attitude, subtle desire and look was fantastic. Not to mention, their chemistry off the floor helped fuel the dance to a near explosion. I don't like to be presumptuous, but Maks & Meryl would make a fiery, respectfully and beautiful couple. Their chemistry will bring out great routines, weekly.

  • MrReed314

    Totally freaking awesome. So smooth, tight,and, what's a good word? How about 'genuine'. Meryl in my opinion is all about Maks over Val.
    For me, this was better than Val's. His was too fast, too 'herky-jerky'. In my opinion, the Arg Tango is hugely passionate, but Val's was like a race to the end. No time to establish any of that. I can't wait to see [email protected]'s Rhumba. DWTS will have to have the camera men also carry fire extinguishers. When she first started, people were nicknaming her 'a dancing fairy'. But she has left that way behind, for sure.
    But this relationship that Maks and Meryl have got going is…You think of the word that best fits.

  • Kate Soho

    One of the best.breathtaking performances on DWTS
    Bravo Meryl Davix & Maks Chmerkovskiy
    hope you ll enjoy this magical dance as much as i did
    my dear friends

  • David Burriel

    This is turning out to be a fantastic season! Meryl is so awesome it is hard to describe her! Since she is the best of the group, I can only hope wins.

  • Marian Gerula

    I love what Len commented saying that Meryl kept up with Maks. Could Maks keep up with Meryl if he wore those heels????? She is incredible…

  • Katie K.

    The best couple in the history of DWTS. I cant believe how great they are. Just speechless. Everything about them is SO magnificent. Their movements, speed, technique, elegance, their eyes and how they look at each other, their comfort level with each other… I can go on forever. WOW! I am watching them over and over!

  • Mary MacIntyre

    dance was amazing on TV and You tube had a much better quality (HD) version a couple of months ago….but the quality in this video sucks…and for some reason you tube is doing it to all of Maks and Meryls vidoes.