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  • Al2leKill

    I/O Review:


    1.Jump tech sounds great!
    2. Google Now On Tap. Just wow, if this works as advertised then dang this could be a game changer.
    3.Unlimited Storage for Photo and Video via Google Photos!


    1.Jump? Thats tech been around for a while, they just named it differently and are implementing it to YouTube.
    2.Doze, I like when my devices actually update when i'm away. We might as well just go back to the days of manual updates. I hope you can turn off this feature.

    Copied From Apple.
    1. Notifications that let you know when your app is going to use your phones features.
    2. Android Pay…. i mean they even added the fingerprint feature!
    3. Google Photos, i mean down to the UI and functions. (excluding Unlimited data)
    4. HBO Now, a little late aren't we?
    5.fingerprint to unlock now in stock Android
    6.Brilo – Homekit

    Overall 4/10 – very dry and boring Google is losing what made them very entertaining to watch back in the day with crazy features. It feels like their software is just copying the competition both Apple and Microsoft. It just seams like their scraping down the barrel for features and not advancing their Android OS. Don't get me wrong Jump sounds great but not amazing since this has been done by other companies including Samsung. They might as well should have just had a half an hour show showing off Google Now on Tap and said photos has unlimited storage, because the rest was BORING.

  • Daniel Moreno

    the lady presenter was the best. she knew her shit, wasn't reading a teleprompter, and was genuinely "excited" to be presenting this stuff, amde it engaging like she herself was amazed. the other indian/persian dude sounded so fucking monotonous saying "i'm super excited to announce blahblahblahblah"….. they need to step up their presenting game.

  • Der Krazy Kraut

    I don't understand why they keep having presentations of already known ideas, specifically speaking– the Google photo app. It's basically a copy of the iOS8 photo app. I mean apple is guilty of doing the same thing in their presentation. People might argue that it's for the common Joe to know, but I'm pretty sure most of the audience in that keynote are developers and journalists who've done research.

  • Stijn Van Halen

    Funny how there are no trolls right now in the comments saying Google is bluntly copying everything form Apple, Apple fans are like 'meh, we don't care'. But in a week when WWDC starts you can bet a million there will be hundreds of comments saying how Apple fans are 'sheep' or how Apple doesn't innovate…

  • P90Jungle

    Android Pay: Wonder where the name came from? Not judging.
    Google Photos:5:25 "Wow! New product? I wonder where I've seen the design before…"
    6:22 "That's amazing? Being able to scroll all the way to the bottom?"
    Direct Share: Sounds like a renamed version of iOS's Airplay to me.

    Google is seeing signs of slowing down in terms of innovation. And for technology as a whole, well, it's about the same as well.

  • T - Ron

    So basically catch up with Apple with some blatant borrowing of features. With the exception of unlimited photo storage, which they can afford to do, since they'll harvest your photo's data to sell ads. Something Apple does not do. Remember, when the product is free, YOU are the product.

    Overall, a meh event.

    Sidetone, there are a lot of Indians working at Google. Just an observation.

  • Dishant Malhotra

    for all the idiots who kept saying that google is just making android look more like IOS first of all its totally different and the reason they are doing this so that everyone can access everything they are not limiting there world for android phones only they are doing this so that ios users can also get the benefits not like apple who concentrate on its own stuff and does`t care about the rest of the thing, thats why apple never compares ios with android because they know android will win in every way second point some people saying they introuced google photos now just like apple, for all the new bies google photos was a part of google plus from a long time they just redesigned it and made it a seperate app.

  • Sephiroth S

    I prefer the app asks for permission when it gets installed, and asks for extended permissions when its updated. That gives a better chance to understand if the app asks for permissions it shouldnt, and therefor can be labeled evil and deleted! By this you might be lured into giving permissions to apps that should have.