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  • Lindsay Scarborough

    I think this is a great show and i don't know why you don't like it the songs are really nice to do not like c words are appropriate or anything actually good time for a change and people should actually appreciate that i'm not sure why you don't like it that's your opinion a lot of people grew up with this show

  • excavatoree

    Wow. One can tell that TV land has speeded this up considerably. It must be taken from their version of the show, which is speeded up to allow for more commercial time than they had back in the early 70s.

    Compare this to other vides of this same scene on YouTube – it's pretty obvious.

  • Kim S

    Brady Bunch is an all time favorite from generation to generation BECAUSE it depicts an ideal family, working together, supporting each other, solving daily challenges and changes together. I wish I could build a Brady Bunch House to have lived in .

  • Tom Chandler

    This is NOT the studio version folks. The studio version has an orchestra and the words are sung properly. It is a really great song. Very happy and uplifting the way it should be. Even this one song blows away any made today in "pop" music. That's if you call it "music". More like noise for that matter.

  • Larry Lee Moniz

    This whole time compression thing is ridiculous.

    The FCC should be actually earning their money and going after TV stations and companies that ruin classic television with that crap.

    The the idiot who works at TVLand that posted this didn't even watch it to see how unbelievable horrible this sounds.