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  • Allison B (Alli-Bee)

    I watch the video's of this gay youtube couple, they've tried to talk about why people shouldn't come for ER and saying that his respect for his Steven Hawking portrayal is somehow a signifier of just how well he's going to do for his character in ' The Danish Girl'. I thought I'd heard it all until they said that shit. They also used the 'well if it was an unknown it wouldn't bring in money' line. lmao – In their last blog they were trying not to moan about people coming for them, instead of looking at what they were saying. And true to form their fans were talking about,.. 'maybe society isn't ready', 'the LGBT community cant expect everything to change right away'…ect…I'm all for open debate surrounding this topic, but I cannot abide by people who share their views but refuse to properly acknowledge the rest of the conversation that's brought to them, after they take what they want from it.

  • Frances Uhomoibhi

    Wow. This was powerful and enlightening. I have a problem with them continuously casting cis men to play transwomen because of the reasons that you mentioned but I had not known just how widespread this media portrayal of tragedy in transliveswas. Media representation of a Transperson's story that ends in happiness would be so powerful and is so important. Did you do a follow up video to this?

  • FiFi Famous

    Almost every successful movie about being trans or even being gay ends up being a tragedy where the main character(s) die at the end.

  • vik

    Loved your plea for a more diverse positive portrayal and representation of trans people!

    By the way, found out about a Swedish movie yesterday which is called "Something Must Break", featuring a trans actress in the main role who also got Sweden's most prestigious film award, the Guldbagge, for her acting.

  • catwalk33

    the danish girl lili elbe always looked like a female even when she was male. most trans women always looked female even before transition. its really sickning to me that the media is trying to make people belive that all trans woman used to look like men, which is false! ps. it sickning that there going to make her look male at first when in reality lili elbe always looked female for the most part . the only reason they wanna make her look male at first is for (SHOCK VALUE). but what they dont realize is that this is damaging. beacuse it makes people think we all usto look like men and thats what is getting so many trans women killed. the media is very damaging to trans women. and responsible for the recent deaths, the reason so many trans women have been killed latley is beacuse of how horrible the media portrays them as these men pretending to be women bullshit story. which makes society see them as (men) that need to be killed for pretending this is very damaging. as laverne cox said calling a trans woman a man is an act of violence beacuse usually the last thing a trans women hears before her death is that shes a man which is they ultimate reason they are killed. and the media contnues to call them men which is why i blame the media for theri deaths. so many trans women could have played this role.