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  • Jonathan Irizarry

    All of these people are seemingly okay, healthy individuals that suddenly die of cancer, which normally wouldn't kill them in short time frames like they do. Same with Beau Biden

  • Bill Lang

    its all so exciting! Jesus said all these things must happen before He can return! We are SO CLOSE to the end of this evil age and the beginning of the New Jerusalem! The righteous kingdom of Jesus of Nazareth!

  • Don Parker

    We need to stop supporting pro sports and TV.
    So how many "sacrifices" are needed a month by these mofos? 33?
    Nice work, thank you for the education. Thumbs Up.
    Interesting that Roger God dell makes (47) $million/year lol.

  • Agghh

    I appreciate your work but am curious why so much focus on sports, NBA specifically? Do you think it might be an outlet for them, something they can easily use to communicate what goes on? This numerology is in our face, so blatant; they don't need to communicate using cyphers.. they could just hop on their private jet and converse in person with the others. Putting this out in front of us seems either like they are cocky or they follow Baba Kamma A113 i.e. they have to alert us to their plans in some form so their karma is relieved.

  • Dave Corrigan

    The measurement breakdown of the basketball court is pretty damn telling, too. Enterthe5t4rz made a video about it. I heard in the past that the baseball field is based on the Queen's diamond jubilee.

  • Dan Behrendt

    It all goes back to NBA All star week last year. 2/13 to 2/15 Same as Lupercalia. When Andrew Wiggins (A teen Wolf) was the MVP of Rising star Challenge. Next day another Teen Wolf Zach Lavine won the Slam Dunk contest and did the Space Jam dunk. Wiggins born on 2/23 also and Flip Announced his cancer on 8/11 the 223rd day of the year. Flip Started coaching the TWolves on the 21st game of 1995, during # 21 Kevin Garnetts rookie season. Saunders also died 21 days before the 19th anniversary of Space Jam. All of these Teen wolves were 19 years old. Garnett was the original Teen Wolf. His rookie season was also Michael Jordan's first full season back after retiring for baseball just like in Space Jam and the First season of the 2nd 3peat. Saunders dies age 60. The first player to ever play professional basketball directly after High School was Moses Malone in the ABA. Moses dies age 60 this year. The first NBA player to play directly out of high school was Darryl Dawkins=60 who also died this year. The movie Teen Wolf has Nebraska Cornhusker stuff in the background on multiple parts yet not filmed in Lincoln or anything. Also about High School basketball. Also MJ Fox joins the school play that's about the Civil War. (Abraham Lincoln=60), (Lincoln Nebraska=60) Kobe broke MJ's scoring record against the Twolves last year, the Lakers and Twolves play each other 1st game of the season this year. Lakers used to be from Minnesota until 1960. I'm assuming Lamar Odom fits in to it somewhere as well. Kobe also out of High School to NBA, from Philadelphia. Dawkins-Philadelphia, Malone-Philadelphia. This story is coded to a whole lot of stuff. Even goes with the 2007 bridge collapse in Minneapolis.