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  • Grace Ful

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  • pherashrek

    Frey: "We just didn't want to work with him anymore." Translation: Felder wanted to know where the money was going."

  • Tony Chavez

    @Michael Brown …Maybe. I say anyone and everyone is expendable when it comes to a band. And their biggest hits were before Timothy was in the band. Back when it was Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon and Don Felder. They all left or quit or eventually got fired….and why??!!? Um…Glen Frye and Don Henley

  • Anthony .Varone

    Glenn and Henley as much as i respect them as musicians.. Their 2 of the biggest high egotistical douchebags in the industry.


    LYRICS, are written mostly to be PRIVATELY interpreted. While maybe starting as one idea the EVOLVE into rhyme the relates to the line above it…..

  • woohooboy

    Glenn Frey has been right at the centre of the disputes that resulted in not one but three of the band members leaving (Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and Don Felder).

    Leadon tipped a full bottle of beer over his head and left, Meisner was bullied out because of his reluctance to sing certain songs and Felder over issues of payments he was receiving.

    To make matters worse, Frey not only confirms these run-ins but seem unconcerned with the way he's behaved towards his former bandmates and not the least bit sorry. With Don Henley acting as a fellow cohort, these two have effectively wrestled control of "The Eagles".

  • Jeff Henry

    Only mention Don Felders name 1 time and his song Hotel California is one of the main reasons they are still able to do what they do..