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  • Peta Rina

    "You will never find women confronting danger. They need men" yet it's the women who face the most danger, every single day, just because they're women.
    the men see danger as threats from other men, the women see danger as threats from all men, including theirs.

  • แก่แล้ว ไม่แก่เลย

    Wow! This is an eye opener. It's beautiful……… Go! Women of the world… We love you all.

  • Alexander Paniagua

    See this is what I want to see, feminist taking a look at the real problems in third world countries, not complaining on how men like to see beautiful women on magazine covers.

  • raffia khalid

    @ the commenter who said they "want these villages to live TRUELY without men. no children, no childbirth. just women." (who conveniently has replies disabled), that is literally what they're doing. as long as the samburu women are oppressed by the samburu men, there's always going to be women who want to flee from it all to umoja. and that is how they will keep their population thriving – they have no need to reproduce.

    but i agree, although female circumcision has effects that are much worse than male circumcision (usually more tissue is removed,it takes longer to heal, urinary problems that can lead to infections, has absolutely no valid reasoning behind it etc.) on a moral basis both are equally unfair and unnecessary – the human body works perfectly fine without circumcision.

  • Terrence Lufuta

    Samburu warriors who killed a lions armed with only spears as a sign of bravery after initiation are now going to seek refuge in womens village its laughable. And yes am for women's empowerment & I also believe FGM & forced marriages are wrong….

  • Mancheeze

    Isn't it just ironic that the dude says misogynist crap and is the same kind of crap MRA's and other male supremacists spew? Misogyny is the same everywhere.

    Also notice the dude says women need protection. This is the same argument that moron Warren Farrell makes but he never answers what women need protection from. Of course, this honest misogynist in the film answers it and says: predatory men. Just imagine, if men stopped being predators of women, no woman would have to make Hobbes choice and be with a man. It's a trap.

    Women's oppression is the oldest.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    This may blow your minds, but feminism isn't about raising the matriarchy. It's about abolishing both the matriarchy and the patriarchy.

    Then again, most feminists are misandrists.