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  • Anne Henderson

    Ms Copeland is a phenomenon ballerina. She just been promoted to the highest rank of the American Ballet Theatre, becoming the 1st African American female principal dancer in their 75 year history…Her skills, speak for herself…

  • Kahzarwarrior

    Unfortunately she does not possess "le physique du rĂ´le" (and neither do I!). Nothing to do with race. I was eliminated from dance class because I was just too tall.

  • Erica Rice

    The people on here saying she doesn't have the physique and she's just not that good sound like the ones who told her she shouldn't be dancing.

    Clearly, her partner was not equal to her commitment to the performance. The woman is a brilliant ballerina with natural talent.

  • Areti Mauroyanni

    she is truing hard and i appreciate it,but she is not a prima ballerina,she is a very good athlete….maybe she could be a good skater!!!

  • Olga Zakharova

    I see that she likes classicalchoreography and tries her best, but her physical abilities have limitations. She is too athletic, her movements are somewhat heavy,and this is classicalballet not athletic gymnastics. It seems to me that she can be perfect in modern dance, but classical choreography is not the strongest side of her talent.

  • Jesus Walks

    This performance IS choppy, But I gather it's more of him than her.
    If he was as great as her, this would be much more graceful.
    He doesn't seem too invested.

  • Balletandmac

    Idk why people are saying it was not that good? i believe it was her partner, she had the face and everything and once you look at her it looks like she is connecting and giving a story but when you only look at him it looks like hes just trying to get the over with the steps and shows no emotion at all

  • elaine31347

    Her legs are too short for her torso which deviates from the classical ballet ideal. However she is very popular because of media coverage of her black status. She has been given enormous deference because of this. I think she is an OK dancer, that's all.

  • Tiombe Amina

    SHE is graceful–however the filming is not great and their chemistry is off. I think more from his side though. She is a beautiful & talented dancer

  • Sharon Baxter

    i agree she is a bit bulky and does not appear as graceful as the more leaner ballerinas. very strong though

  • PreppyRebel1

    Leila Borges

    I'm not mad that she is black , it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with how awkward this performance looks .

  • Khalia Callahan

    I like how everyone is talking about how Copeland looked bad… In my opinion it was her partner and the awful quality of the video. She seemed to be trying to connect with him but he didn't seem to into it and the video was terrible, next time try to zoom out a little and not be so shaky

  • xXxCainEndaxXx

    I must agree that I don't like it. There really seems to be something missing in it. She just seems so unnatural. :/ I dunno… Classical ballet is my favorite too; I'm not a contemporary fan, so perhaps Ms. Copeland isn't my cup-of-tea.