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  • toffeepop8

    I'm a British woman who isn't Christian, (although I'd say I live more by Christian ideals of love, forgiveness and tolerance than many of those who claim to be), and I was incredibly moved and heartened by this eulogy from this extraordinary man about the extraordinary Rev Pinckeny. It gives me hope for America. It gives me hope for the world. May we all remember that whilst we may be of different races we're all part of the human race. Humanity is a group we all belong to. Regardless of race, religion, sexuality or political beliefs. We are all human and deserve respect, true equality and the compassion of our fellow man.
    People call Obama ineffectual. Yet he's made healthcare available to the poorest. Today marriage has become available to all. Healthcare and working towards equality for all. Seems pretty effective to me.
    Seems like Rev. Pinckeny would probably agree.

  • KW B (Christian Education)

    My president, The Honorable President Barack Obama, speaking at the life celebration of my friend, the Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinckney an African Methodist Episcopal Church’s Itinerant Elder and pastor of Mother Emanuel AME Church. I’m so honored to have heard the president speak!!!

  • MsADiez

    As I watched I thought, "America has never SEEN a President like this one." I love everything about this incredibly moving, stirring eulogy that was full of grace! I was moved to tears when he simply said, "he was a good man." Such a simple, powerful statement. Can I get an Amen and a My My My?

  • Ian Richardson

    I'm British and a strong atheist and secularist, so the religious aspects of this don't touch me much, but the desire for a show of common humanity. for his fervour for a better world for all, for progressive law that takes up the fight against injustice, iniquity and racism…I can't imagine what kind of person could not be moved by that.

  • camycamo4

    There should be a viewing room in his presidential library that plays this speech (and a few of his others) repeatedly on loop. So good. If only the GOP would soften their hearts and open their grace and lean on their true Christian conscience on moral issues such as common sense gun regulations, poverty programs and immigration reform, rather than pander to the insane NRA, hate fueled racists, and greedy plutocrats. They did it with the confederate flag, they can do it with guns, fair tax rates, and immigration too.

  • Reggie Kerr

    President Obama gave the most incredible Eulogy today for the families and the people of Charleston. Watching it live today was moving, motivated, inspired and as so many others believe, a shift has/will take place in this nation. We are ONE under God; Forgiveness is the way of the lord and the beautiful people of Charleston have shown GRACE and inspired, well me and I believe the nation if not the world. The People of Charleston and others are inspiring All of US that whe…ther, Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, Spanish etc. We are all one.
    (http://www.cnn.com/…/same-sex-marriage-fast-facts/index.html )
    God bless the people of Charleston, our President and all people that will not forget this event, will stand up for the rights of ALL people, and our individual beliefs. It seems that sometime here in America we may take for granted that we have fought to have these rights. I/We will never forget, we will love, forgive, we will as a country lead the way in Change, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Freedom. Equal rights and Grace…
    (TO be continued by you) please feel free to add on to this post. With love and blessings Regina Kerr from Houston Texas a believer and a thankful American today…

  • Randy Ragsdale

    This week will go down as one of the greatest weeks ever in the history of Obama's Presidency.

    Shoutout to Republicans: I know you're mad as hell right now. LOL. Too bad.

  • Janice Knight

    Wow, this really moved me. The President showed why I voted for him. He has set a high bar for the next president.

  • James White

    This may have been the most Powerful moment I have ever seen and I've saw quite a few with this President, but I have to say when President Obama broke out into his version of that old Negro Spritual it made me want to get myself back into somebody's church

  • Charles Hebert

    The speech of a lifetime! What an amazing man, Mr., President Obama is! A man of faith, a philosopher, a simple, good man! Such humanity! Such depth! Thank God the US, the world has him!