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  • Hans Bonner

    This is a disgrace, the president has done nothing but divide our country since he took office. It doesn't matter what your opinion is of gay marriage–as a representative of all the people of the USA this was in poor taste. It was nothing more than an immature jab at opponents of gay marriage and frankly he disrespects the position of potus with this stunt.

  • Diana Guevara

    i personally dont get it… let the world fall apart save your selfs put up a cross on your front door and save your family forget about who gets married or not worry about your own marriage worry about what god thinks of you not what god thinks of the world


    You aren't supposed to use the White House to promote social agendas B.O..Keep putting your feet on the Oval Office furniture too. You are classless and corrupt. It's obvious you didn't grow up with a strong father figure in your life. You don't act like a man. Remember, you are supposed to be the President of ALL Americans. Anytime you speak, it's only to half of us. World leaders don't respect you at all and I don't either. The sooner you leave office, the better.

  • Joe Mama

    Dear people,
    this is our house not Obama's, this a privilege, not a right. You can not paint the outside or color it, you must respect the house and respect our home that belongs to the people , this is a home of the people that let you live in, please leave politics , Away from our home

  • Xicious

    Will Americans wake up? Here in Australia we are incredibly jealous of this event. We want gay marriage to be legal and we want to have the government you guys have. This isn't an event to be embarrassed about. You must be proud that your country is granting freedom and love to those who previously couldn't have it.