The Rare Breed Western Movie Full Lenght 1966 James Stewart, Maureen O’Hara & Brian Keith

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  • pjzdreamz

    Just in case someone forgot to mention it . . . Don't Ever walk up on a Longhorn and try to walkoff with her calf. It doesn't end well, especially if momma is wild.

  • Draven

    Wow their was actually 4 fist fights in this movie.
    I don't think a western has ever had that many fights.
    Great old movie.

  • jack freeman

    Strange idea – an Irish actress playing an English woman (with an Irish accent) teaching US/Mexican kids how to sing the British National anthem and a patriotic US song both using the same melody. Some sort of theatrical symbolism no doubt.

  • Jutta Maier

    I cried throughout most of themovie. For all the animals that got stupidly relocated by men and paid with their lives. Be it cattle in the states, sheep in the Andes, or horses in Africa. And for all the animals that got killed for useless Holliwood movies, horses with broken legs and so forth. Not to mention all creatures used for war. 9.5 BILLION animals in WW1 and WW2…tens of thousands of dolphins in the gulf war because no one could tell the wild schools from the trained ones to put mines on ships and submarines. Seriously, homo sapiens is a friggin cancer on this planet.

  • Larry Singleton

    Audie Murphy (Jack Elam) Story

    Audie Murphy was the real deal. There's a story by Jack Elam, who was a good friend of Murphys, about when they were up in Idyllwild near where I live. Getting a drink in some bar. Three guys came in one of them started hassling Elam. Pulled him by the back of his hair and said he needed a hair cut. "Audie spun around and hit him and never said a word" He mentions that Audie was short and that these guys were big. They took one look at Audie Murphy, picked up their friend and got the hell out of the bar.

    I've got an article with a picture: He picked this guy up who was walking in a rain storm. The guy stuck a gun in his side and slapped him in the mouth. Tells him he's going to steal his car. When they pull into a gas station Audie decides to fight. This guy is like six feet six inches tall. Both the cop and Audie in the picture are staring UP at the guy. Who is a frigging Mess. Audie beat the holy crap out of him. He ends up escaping but Audie and this cop overpower him as he's wrestling with some woman he's trying to steal clothes from. The caption in the article mentions Audie looks like he's ready to go to a movie premier. I had the same thing happen to me once except I was doing a part time job as a security guard. This guy came up to my desk with his hand in his shirt saying he had a gun and would kill me if I didn't open the pharmacy in this medical building I was watching. This ended up almost the same way accept I ended up puking my guts out as I dragged him into the adjoining hospital to have the nurses call the cops. Broke my damn glasses when he sucker punched me.

  • Keith Brown

    One of my favorites seeing it as a kid on NBC Saturday Night at the Movies. Early John Williams score. Almost 10 years before Jaws.

  • kevin edwards

    Glad this is back on you tube, watched this some time back then it got taken off, thank you for posting it, fantastic movie.

  • Jill Branom

    Thanks for uploading never thought I would see that movie again . one of my fave when I was a kid. wow still cried when the cow was found dead some things never change lol

  • Lloyd Kellogg

    i never though texas got snow like that i have heard that they can get snow this is crazy but a dame good movie

  • Omar Nashashibi

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