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  • CaviteChe

    Her body is, but a shell that her soul or life energy is bound to and placing it into hospice care now has the clock ticking before the case for murder and hopefully the truth leading up to Bobbi Kristina Brown's death. Sure the circumstances mirror Greek tragedy, but GREED is a tale that transcends time. No one other than her mother was close enough to have her back and once Whitney passed a vulture swooped in to conspire her demise.

    Rest in peace soon and let your spirit join your mothers.

  • Shon Jackson

    Thanks Wanda for that quick bit of relief. This whole situation is sad and I hate that it's had to unfold in the public's eye. Go have mercy

  • MYembrace7

    Maybe she just really did fulfill her purpose to be here in this life, which was to be here for Whitney just as they've both Bobbi Kristina & Whitney have to the numerous times.

  • Donald Hickman

    Justin W calm yourself. She didn't say anything bad she just said they do that on tv shows. It's good to bring laughter in a situation like that. Love you Wanda!!! ❤️

  • tygersflowerz

    It seems as if Bobbi Kristina never, in 22 years, had any extreme highs in her life. There was always that program of sadness and danger running in the background, having drug addict parents. And then to go from that to worse, which was the loss of her mother. She has never known pure safety and joy ever. Maybe it's true what someone said in a previous comment, that she was just meant to drop by on earth for a while to be a friend and companion to her mom. I don't know.

  • Jan “Jan927” Henry

    I got it now. If there was violence, what creates violence from a long toxic relationship is one of the member being cut off. There is one party that is going to suffer the loss of not getting what they've been getting and that is drugs. Could it be that someone was being cut off that lead to violence?

  • Caz P

    am heartbroken beyond words about bobbi kristina … how on earth did it come to this only after 3 years of whitney leaving us :( I don't even have any tears left any more….am so v sad.

  • Justin W

    Wow really, Wanda? I just knew she was going to be obnoxious today, Ms. Sykes save your comedy for funny situations and STAND UP shows, shame on you, the family is going through a tough time they don't need you adding to the stress, show some respect.