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  • Zapruder1984

    Thank you Theo, every word is exactly on point – The sick brainless culture who votes this way is the real problem. And the time for being "polite" about it is long since over – Heaven knows, the plans these ridiculous morons have hatched for us are certainly NOT going to be "POLITE"!

  • Mark Lugg

    Trudeau is essentially the Canadian Obama. Throughout both of their campaigns (Obama's first, especially), I was constantly shaking my head thinking "what the fuck do people like about this fool? He's an idiot, and he's saying absolutely NOTHING of value".

    Oh well. I guess this is what happens when the hyper liberal media gets control of the bleating sheep.

    Putin has to pissing himself laughing right now.

  • LongDrivesAtNight

    Every anti-west imam and cultural jihadist islamic political ideological group are very happy this morning that Turdo won.

  • kris guntner

    Why's the audio so bad?
    Less professional channel's on youtube have better quality sound.
    Not to nit pick but this need's to be fixed pronto.

  • C Robinson

    No respect for the people's democratic decision. Last night was democracy in action the people, 70% wanted change and they got it. Just like they did 4 years ago when they gave Harper a majority. And now that the people gave Justin a majority you guys have to find something to complain about. Its bad for democracy when you only want one party in power all the time and no change at all. You know what that is? Its called a dictatorship. The very thing you all seem to want to stand against when it comes to Iran, Russia, or North Korea. But it's okay for the Conservative Party of Canada to stay in power forever. This is whats wrong with Conservatism in Canada, totalitarianism approach to the message, governance, and democracy. This is why Canadian's wanted change. So suck it up princess. Things are about to change.

  • JamesJon1187

    Just a few thoughts on the new studio… you guys should get better lighting so it looks natural and jibes well with digital back ground. For example, when there's going to be a bright light behind Ezra's head in the digital lay-over you should get a same-colored light to shine from behind so it looks natural, as it is, it's mismatched so it looks amateur. Brighter front-lighter would also be a plus. It's a smidgen dark. Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, there's a wrinkle in your green-curtain.
    Just trying to give constructive criticism. Keep up the good work!