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  • ancel1961

    Interviewer: Why did you keep a journal?
    Katina: Because I knew this day would come. And I knew that one day they would say, She's lying

    Aint' that a bitch…Of course Katina knew this day would come. She planned this bullshit.
    Katina saved text messages for 5 years so she could cash them in like they were a 401k account

    I believe prostitution should be legal.
    There are those who disagree and say prostitutes are ''Victims'' of the men who hire them.
    Can anyone honestly look at Katina Powell and say she is a Victim?
    This adult woman knowingly, willingly, and continually for years had sex with teenage boys in exchange for money

    They only Victims in this story are Katina's two daughters who she raised to be prostitutes and began to pimp

  • JJ Wilson

    lmao…are you kidding me? So pussy power helped Louisville to win a championship title in 2012. who knew?

    So I'm guessing this tramp is the ringleader of the strip show recruit club. and she had daughters on her team? Judging by her appearance I would've ran out of the building and ask for a transfer immediately, snitching or no snitching!

  • rumpelstiltskin

    This chick is worthless. She had no problem setting out her own daughters or showed no remorse in agreeing she sat out her daughters. What they should do is find out how old the dancer were and bust her ass for making sex slaves out of minors. She can't be older than 38. If she was setting out her own daughters, they had to be under the age of 16. This chick is lower than low and is an extortionist and should be jailed.