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  • Ayy Lmao

    i'm not the biggest fan of them, but to the people saying their story is fake: unless you are the child of those parents they're talking about, unless you actually went to their school and lived in their neighborhood or seen those posts on that app about them, you have nothing to say about how their story is a total lie. bullying is a serious issue. and even though yes, they are very good looking and talented, that doesn't mean they can't get bullied. anyone can get bullied.

  • Sara Lacson

    okay so now in the comments people are all like why were they bullies they're so hot. I don't watch them because if that I watch them because I think that they are funny and sweet people that went through tough times in their past. I admit that they are extremely hot but thats a plus. I also like how they can ho through all this shit and still carry on and be the people that we know. Am I the only person that saw another side of them in this video (a good side)?

  • Mrs O'Brien

    I feel so bad for you both, I've been hated by people I've given no reason to hate me. but I do have to point out that this is not bullying. bullying is so much worse. you were both simply not liked, picked and hated on. but that too is horrible. I'm glad you two never let it phase either of you.

  • Madison Porter

    I am definitely a kid that does not keep silent. I know I would have stood up for at least one of them. I don't understand why at least one student didn't stand up for them

  • Eye Scream

    If you bullied them as a kid… your twisted man… if you bully anyone you need to check yourself

    And the adults in these situations… they were acting very immaturly how do you encourage children to bully others?

    Put it in your point of view kids who bully if it were you and parents who were ok with it… if it was your kids You see how messed up it is? if not… im praying for you

  • Chanaenae

    I ❤️ ur videos u guys r awesome and funny when I'm sad I love watching ur videos and they make me smile thx for making videos ❤️ U BOTH

  • Ella Foster

    i love you guys so much you sound like you've been through hell and back. bullied by parents? that's just pathetic but i'm proud to be one of your supporters and viewers because look where you are now! you've moved on from them disgusting people and just think where those bullies are now and where you are now!!! whenever i wach your videos it makes me smile and laugh soo much. dont stop what youre doing. i hope LA brings you good luck and makes you's happy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Samantha Kenton

    Sigh. It's the people who try their hardest to make others happy that are the ones that go through the toughest of times… I know exactly how that feels. I'm happy you guys are happy now though.. stay smiling :)

  • AMC Smith

    I would ask what is wrong with people, but that would be an ignorant and naive question at this point. I'm sorry you went through that, I went through some really tough bullying situations in elementary and middle school… You guys went under a bigger spotlight, too. Keep up what you're doing, don't forget to use your platform to make some positive real impacts.

  • eytyxia ravasopoulou

    heey i hope you see it.Im a triplet .I have not 1 but 2 like me.We dont have friends too because of your reason! me and my sisters are like friends and we dont let anyone come close to us.I dont kniw why You guys get throught this what we can do about it?