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  • Aj6711

    Why u guys hating on sharpe he just stating facts not his fault Brady gonna do time he only speaking facts and how nfl works why blame him

  • ADam H

    Brady is better than all of the jealous retired players especially sharpe. There is literally no proof of anything other than obstruction and even that has kind of been disproven by Brady handing over his messages

  • MarcoGeeWS

    Troy Aikman is just a Tom Brady hater. Doesn't even have him in his current top 5 quarterbacks. Aikman is mediocre at the end of his day, carried by his team.

  • Brandon Espinosa

    I have to say this again the NFL is a joke. There is more evidence that Tom Brady knew the balls were under inflated than not. There are even ex quarterbacks saying how could he not know?? Either way this guy gets a 4 game suspension for cheating. How about you or I do something stupid where we work…..a 4 day suspension is not something we will have to worry about we would be fired. Now other players in the NFL can now kill dogs, beat women, drive under the influence and cheat and will be able to return to practice anyways. Sorry but the NFL sucks and is a complete joke at this time. Maybe it will be fixed in a decade or so.

  • Hypee559

    A ball that was used for half a game doesn't give you a 38 point lead. Sorry but this has been blown WAY out proportion just like with delflategate. There is no hard evidence against Brady so the punishment should be dismissed, simple as that. Goodell framed Brady and he needs to be fired.

  • Kristofer Avramoski

    All u guys whilo think sharpe is right u are sad lol sharpe has always hated brady and the pats and how the hell can u call someone guilty with a statement of more probable than not ted well is fucking joke lol

  • ShaqXDeezil

    lol these comments are hilarious.. In this video: "Shannon is a cunt, Shannon is a fool, Shannon is a jackass"
    In the video about the cowboys: "Shannon put Skip in his place, such a great debater". LMAO