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  • James Davis

    After reading the transcript to Brady's hearing with Goodell, I'm starting to believe that Tom Brady is innocent and the league still has no evidence that the footballs in the AFC title game were "intentionally" deflated to an illegal PSI level. The Colts had three footballs that were below the league's minimum PSI level and I just found out that Ted Wells did NOT hire physicists from Columbia University like he stated in his own report. Something is not adding up…


    Peyton Manning 5NFL MVPs, SB41MVP, Likely will have all major QB records and has defeated Brady in the AFC Championship Game. All I'm saying , is that it's not as clear as Brady fans try to make it out to be. And I have a ton of respect for Brady

  • Wylekyote14

    Cowboys fan… Definitely one of the best, if not the best QB of all time. Went from a underdog #199 draft pick to a 4 time champion. He's better than Joe Montana for sure.

  • chase gates

    Idk what anyone says no balls deflated ball fully aired balls they still won 45 to 7 and the balls were perfect in the super bowl so seems like they have taken deflategate to series

  • Mac Fresh

    so beating your girlfriend in public and doing drugs is ok but being accused of deflating a ball is like the worst thing in the world come on haters dont be ridiculous

  • Eric Cartman

    As a colts fan, i think Brady (after he retires) will go down in history as the best QB to ever play the game. Not now, but soon. I just hope we can get something going on the patriots and win some games against them. Amazing at football.

  • Pontakorn Urapeepatanapong

    Don't give a flying fuck what the haters say, Tom Brady is the greatest to ever play the game hands down

  • Richard Kim

    People are dumb, playing with a deflated football is harder to play with because it's harder to throw and it looses it's grip. The fact they won with a deflated ball means that they're that Good. Have you ever thrown a deflated football or any ball, it won't go far and it was fall to the ground fast. Use your head people, think.

  • Andy Gillis

    Tom Brady threw 4 TD passes in the Super Bowl with footballs he never touched before. His throwing motion and foot work is perfect.