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  • Daniel Malak

    it makes me mad to think people post random videos and get 1,000,000 subs and u post great content and only have 64,000 subs

  • Owen Doyle

    A player like Brady comes once in a blue moon, he has one thing that you can not teach and that's heart, the will to never give up even when your 10 points down in the 4th quarter against the best D in the league.
    Ladies and gentlemen Tom Brady.!

  • Deven Zubia

    Hands down best tom Brady/patriots highlight video I have ever seen I love how you use the beginning of his career and when everyone doubted him then him proving everyone wrong good job keep it up

  • Christopher Johnson

    Let's face it, if a 7-9 team had a QB that "more probably than not" was "at least generally aware" of a football being deflated about a PSI or so, nobody would give a shit. The ONLY reason why anybody cares about deflategate is that it is the Patriots.

  • Thomas Kelley

    Patriots fans need to embrace the hate. It's a sure sign that your team is the envy of all others. When haters stop coming to Patriot threads, when they stop calling Belichick, Belicheat and the Patriots, the Cheatriots, then it will be time to worry because nobody hates a loser.

  • WKA Skate Crew

    Holy fuck I see the pattern this shit dope as fuck 1st touchdown 1st superbowl 2nd touchdown 2nd superbowl 3rd touchdown 3rd superbowl 4th touchdown 4th superbowl

  • Crazatrain

    I'm a Seahawks fan and I can't tell you how much Super Bowl 49 pained me to watch in that final play. But then I realized that Patriots fans had to go through TWO Super Bowl losses to the same crappy team in a row. Now I have a lot more respect for Tom Brady and the Patriots. I sincerely congratulate your entire organization for this super bowl redemption and I wish the best of luck to you in the future. Although this Super Bowl still leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can't ignore the cheating scandals, it's even harder to ignore Tom Brady's numbers and performance on the field. Overcoming a 10 point deficit in the fourth quarter against the best defense in the league is something truly remarkable. I guess Tom Brady still got it ;)

  • jaeda m

    People can hate him now..but in the end when BRady retired ppl will respect Tom Brady . Even his biggest hater will not dare to tarnish a great competitor ..

    We will never forget Tom Brady

  • TommyC503

    The greatest Cheater of all time on the most embarrassing NFL team of all time – disgusting disgrace of an organization.

  • bryanthepoke

    being a dolphin fan its kind of my right to hate the patriots. but I hate the hawks and I let out a tear when the defensive coordinator said "Malcolm Go!…" that was easily the best super bowl to ever exist. #FreeTomBrady