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  • Emil Aliyev

    How dare you to displace Rust Cohle in 2.season?mannn fuck you he was my idol bruh,i can't even imagine a better character fuck you and fuck Matthew to not wanting to play.You just killed Rust,man i can't reconcile with that no you fuckers made a superb character and "killed" him in one season.Fuck you i am not watchin second season |

  • FullmetalandtheFlame

    Bring back Matthew and Woody! We want to see more Rust Cohl and more Marty Hart, not some new characters! Show what happened with them between 1995 and 2002, that's a whole 7 years we barely got a glimpse of. Or show what they do after the end of season 1, from 2012 onward. These are such rich, lovable, wonderful characters that you created and put so much time into, why are you replacing them! If you can get back Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, then do it, that's who we, the fans want to see, not some new characters that we don't know or care about.

  • kiara montiero

    "He wants to know what they know…so I can get back on the case and solve it myself…"

    I like how Rust instantly possessed McConaughey right before our eyes ROFL!

  • SuperStig23

    Who says America can't make exceptional TV anymore ?? my hat's off to HBO for having the courage to make this masterpiece, the actors, the music, the cinematography, etc are all superb. Network TV is only for retards or 12 year olds

  • Rob Mckenzie

    Fucking stupid not keeping Cary as the director for season 2 and letting Justin Lin director of fast and furious to direct an amazing tv show. Fuck Justin Lin.

  • robTorturewright

    One of the most disturbingly brilliant moments was when Cohle was talking about the gang who would cut your face off and make you look at yourself in the mirror, terrifying and yet you cant help but be amazed at the tale and at this show in general.

  • Carrie Sheriff

    Will Matthew Mcconhay, an Woody Harrison be back for the Second Season…Please keep them they make the show..they are good together..PLEASE.. Don't Change It…

  • The Afterman

    Who is the guy in the gas mask and underwear it looks like he had blonde hair but I don't recall the yellow king having blonde hair

  • mistax2k

    I don't mean to be disrespectful but I'm genuinely curious as to why Elizabeth Reaser is on this clip talking to fans about the significance of the show and the decisions that were made? There were extras on this show that had more screen time than her. If I recall correctly, she was in two scenes and in one she is flipping channels and not saying anything.

  • jsem94

    I just marathoned this series through, and it's incredible. The acting, the directing, the plot, the character development, the setting. It's so meticulous, they haven't missed a single detail, and I can't get enough of it.