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  • Lee GaryB

    "Kim doesn't want to be seen as the problem" SHE IS THE PROBLEM! She is the freaking poster child for the problem. Elected officials using their god to determine how they will pass out laws and rights, it the exact problem in it's purest form

  • eiji kenji

    US supreme court had violate the US constitution
    american people had right to reject such decision

    because US constitution protect religious freedom

    US supreme court dont have arbitrary power to change the law as they wished.

    legality of US constitution are based upon acceptance by american people

    it is great shame that US media support persecution against christian

  • eiji kenji

    when there are injustice, unfairness , american people must stood up and challenge the authority

    this is right of american people to reject DECISION by supreme court because it is EVIL and undermine their human right.

  • Cathianne Roslund

    Bigotry and hate masquerading as christianity. She is in contempt of court and should be jailed and removed from office. Her beliefs do not trump the dignity and human rights of others. She is free to believe whatever she wants, however she is not free to impose those beliefs on others.

  • viewer409

    Kim "Bigotry" Davis, you have no grounds to stand on. Stop trying to use religion as a shield for your bigoted personal views. …true follower of Christ? You'd know God makes no mistakes…