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  • Robert Bender

    A friend of mine said that the word "GOD" is not written in the Declaration of Independence. I have read it several times and cannot find it but have found other terminology. Please clarify where can I find the word "God" so I can show it to these atheists.

  • James Barnes

    And the treason and felonies of the government actors now give reason to the removal of their authority in my name and my right to self govern restored…They are murderers and traitors to their sworn oaths and no man has an obligation to treason murder extortion and felons claiming to protect that peace and our law….Dumping the BAR in the middle of a sharkpit, in the Atlantic, would be a good start to fixing America….

  • Michael S

    Nothing is going to make any difference in your life except separating yourself from the balanced physical world. It can and will change everything.
    The Truth of life in 3 pages. Can you handle it? Truthcontest•Com

  • Jason Cavitt

    Attention Craig Seibert:

    We don't want your Jesus-based theocracy, nor does the Constitution require us to maintain your Jesus-based theocracy.

  • abdullah Osman

    Now we are owned by broke banks with bad reserves that belong to some fat cats and incompetent governments who are less financial prudent than a crack whore which is considerable better , RIGHT ?Which ever way look at it .
    God save us all , in God we trust .

  • Smithy0013

    I don't know the sending of mercenaries doesn't seem so bad when you consider the fact that the Americans had met the British on the battlefield on numerous occasions before the declaration including an invasion into Quebec…

  • Walkie Wawtmire

    All you need to know is:

    1. Nature's God and the Creator are not thing same thing. Nature's God is the important one.
    Nature's God is the controlling force, in full power over the Creator. Thus, Nature is the real
    God, not someone called God based on a faulty book known as bible. We only have "rights"
    if they are in harmony with Nature. Of course, the founders were nature guys in name only.

    2. When we read through all the hype, we get to Complaint 27: this is the one wherein our
    founders admit that what they care about the most is an unfettered mandate to slaughter
    more "merciless Indian Savages…" So, thesegentlemen did not regard the Indians as human,
    which corresponded to their views of the Black man although it is clear they considered
    the Indians to have zero % human content vs the 60% they assigned to the slaves.

  • Southern Gent

    "This was the object of the Declaration of Independence. Not to find out new principles, or new arguments, never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said before; but to place before mankind the common sense of the subject; i[n] terms so plain and firm…."

    Thomas Jefferson to Henry Lee – May 8, 1825

  • Mizan Khan

    its sad how our Government is right now how the declarations warns us or tells us to abolish…. change is coming, its up to us to make it happen!

  • TheArtificialWonder

    Iwould like to mention that Jefferson (the author of the Declaration) was a deist, which meant that he believed God had created the world but then left it alone to be ruled by natural law. So whenJefferson mentioned "their Creator", he was not mentioning the father of Christ. He was not a Christian in the modern sense. Jefferson fought hard for a separation between church and state during his life.