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  • Random Ron

    So what number attempt does this make to try and get rid of Obamacare? I've honestly lost track around 30.

  • chris garbutt

    Tell me what alternate form of health care or welfare you people fighting against obamacare have. Do you even have a plan to replace it. All i hear from this side is Welfare Queens and leaching off of the government. Thousands and even more than that lives depend on obamacare for medical purpose and getting food on the table. The whole get a job is Bull. Jobs pay workers barely enough to get food. College is expensive even people with good grades are struggling with it. How can one get through it without being massive in debt. Even with good paying jobs people struggle because of debt.
    What Is Your Plan To Replace ObamaCare?

  • MLGTroy1

    can someone tell me why health insurance for free is a bad thing? isnt everyone complaining about the high cost of living?

  • Saiite

    Christian people doing Christian things.

    Cause fuck helping people. Jesus ain't got time for that shit. He's got children to molest.

  • Kikara Vaeindon

    I really dont understand why the US is so determined to remain behind other countries.

    Ever heard of the phrase "you are only as strong as your weakest link"? Because if you dont take care of the most vulnerable in your society, you are as weak as them.

  • Mat Broomfield

    It really reflects unbelievably badly upon America, that so very many of you oppose poor people being able to afford health insurance. The raw, selfish avarice on display should be a matter of shame to any civilised person.

  • drksvnt

    I live in Canada, the health system isn't perfect but something is better than nothing and no healthcare should be the last resort. Obamacare isn't perfect but it's a step in the right direction. Single payer is better but you need time for the system to grow. Get people healthy, keep them alive then work on improving the system, not destroying it.

  • Tifany Stills

    If they rule in favor of Obamacare…..Democrats win. If they rule against Obamacare….they might as well give Hillary the keys to the White House now.

  • SovietFlag900

    ObamaCare is stupid. Get the capitalist class out of healthcare and make it government funded and universal. The UK, Canada, Denmark and Sweden all have such healthcare and have a higher life expantancy than us so why the hell don't we have this?

  • EndlessWonder

    WHY do we not support ALTERNATIVE Health measures in Obamacare? Why do we exempt Amish and Muslims in OBAMACARE? Why do we SUPPORT only POISONS for treatment of CANCER in this COUNTRY? Why do we RATION CANCER TREATMENT in OBAMACARE? Over 72 is OUT OF LUCK! Sex changes are totally supported! Abortions, contraceptions are FREE…Our society is SPIRITUALLY BANKRUPT!

  • Addison Clarke

    The rest of the developed world is watching in confusion. Why wouldn't you want to ensure that your citizens have access to affordable health care? Wtf?

  • Marilyn Stoflet

    Hey Turks, you didn't give a crap when those same 7.5 million people lost their own insurance to be forced into Obamacrap. The people I know would gladly give up their obamacrap. It is worse than having zero insurance. The 50 million that had no insurance before obamacrap still have zero insurance because the stupid fine is even more than they can afford…TRY TELLING SOME TRUTH GRUBER VOTER!

  • caleb simpson

    How many people will die due to the loss of healthcare. None, consider the fact that they barely receive any money to go towards copay.

  • Gee Trieste

    It was their intent at the time of the legislation, not years later when circumstances have changed and post legislative regret as to the law itself only after "we have found out what is in it".

  • Mark Bradley

    How and why do people equate Obamacare with helping people? It was written by lobbyists, for the health insurance companies and big pharma…

  • 798unionpipeliner

    When you do your taxes, and if you have money coming back, it will automatically go into your Obamacare health account.