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  • TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther)

    5 thumbs down in 1 minute? hmmmm the alcoholic troll is in a good mood today pmsl what a loser, him and his 4 sock accounts!

    Thoughts to the family of the victim

  • Kimster14

    I live about 7 miles away in Lake villa. My highschool was locked down and we couldnt leave until 5 min after closing bell. I have friends who go to Grant Highschool, where it all happened. fuckers still cant leave, and are still in school, lmao. but this is ridiculous. So a white cop was killed, well fellow whites lets all go riot in the streets like coons. Btw theres a huge manhunt and cops are pulling over everyone on the streets.

  • American Mysteries & Conspiracies

    IF it is a real story, then this filthy pig got EXACTLY what he deserved for being the low class, uneducated, dog shit in uniform being used to keep his elitist masters in operation. BUT it is mainstream media propaganda for gun control too. You Euro's are PUSSIES who can't own guns because of your QUEENS and KINGS ruling over your candy sheep asses. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF OUR BUSINESS, YOU ARE JUST AS FAKE AS ALEX JONES / DAVID DUKE.

  • Javier Antunez

    They make such a big deal about this shit. Why don't they ever do this for us if you were to get shot they wouldn't do all this shit searching for your killers.

  • Hiccup Haddock

    I'm sorry if a Police Officer was shot, but this man hunt is WAY over the top. First off, the Main Stream Media couldn't even get its story straight. The number of suspects changed from two to three, then a suspect was in custody, then a suspect wasn't in custody. Supposedly this was a routine traffic stop. If that is the case, where is the dash cam? None of this makes sense. They call in 100's of Cops, FBI, ATF, Helicopters, tanks,search dogs. They lock down neighborhoods, lock down the school and disrupt the Metra train.They(illegally) searched houses and businesses without a warrant. The search has been going on for 9 hours. The alleged suspects could be in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, etc., by now. I'm sorry, but if a civilian got shot, this would not be happening (nor should it!). How much is this costing the tax payers? If you ask me, this whole story sounds a little sketchy. Sounds to me like another reason to see how far the Police and Government can infringe upon our rights by making us afraid, and to give the Police the opportunity to test its ability. If a Police Officer did get shot, I'm sorry. This search was over the top and unwarranted, though.

  • truthloveandhonor

    This shouldnt even be news. Cops get shot all the time. Just being sensationalized. Already hearing talk about blacklivesmatter and michael brown blah blah blah. For frack sake! Exactly what they want, people fed up and brainwashed that guns are bad, lockdown all local schools to traumatize kids, and so o. and so on and so on until the next fabricated drill or event.