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  • Amos Ajo

    Bolt is just the best!! What an incredible race (The wind HAD to be stronger than that reading!).
    A truly superhero like performance from Bolt. Gatlin looked like a man who has run sub-9.8 one too many times in one season, started to see a combination of nerves and tightness affecting him. He also wasn't has fortuitous with element of wind as he customarily is.
    I just hope the theatrics continue into Rio. Gatlin should take a Bolt-like rest during that year and save his best stuff for the trials and Games. Because atthat time Bromell, Bracy, and DeGrasse will be the young guard ready to give these guys some challenge. And dun dun dun….how will Blake recover!?…
    My sincerest and best wishes for Asafa and Gay. You guys pushed the limits of what is humanly possible for almost a decade. You two will always be our legends.

  • Gogo Gogic

    I will never forget his relax ending in his prime, I am sure he would make a much better result with 100% on full track

  • Fisher Smith

    Congratulation of Bolt from China!
    BTW, Chinese player Su Bingxuan also is among the 9 men of 100m final match, he run a 9.99 in the semi-final match. Su Bingxuan also is the 1st Yellow man to participate the100m final match inWorld Athletics Championships history.

  • DerrenBrown100

    I still can't believe how Bolt pulled that one out of the bag. IMO this is his best performance ever, given his poor form. I'm still buzzing from that race!

  • Gill Perry

    That cheat, Gatlin, should be banned for life. True champions NEVER NEED TO CHEAT!
    Anything that man achieves will always have a question mark after it.
    Bolt is the true and deserved champion

  • Michael Herron

    I don't know what happened to Justin Gatlin's form the last 15 meters. Is he hurt? He looked like he was going to fall down. His form really broke down the last 15 meters.

  • Bonga Rozani

    In this race Bolt went all out. I see Gatlin looking at Bolt @1:40 I think that's a huge mistake. What he did there put off his running time and speed. If he had not done that we would be talking a different story right now.

  • Skiptini

    I love peoples stupidity on here…Saying that gatlins a cheat? All of the athletes in this race use gear xD Use your brain for a second, gatlin is just as quick as when he was juicing his gills off and bolts still beating him ? haha! I'm sorry you cannot compare a natural athlete to an enhanced you lemons.