Usain Bolt 9.96 100m Heat 7 IAAF World Championships Beijing 2015

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  • anthony clarke

    This commentator is really getting on my nerves. "He's got alot to do, alot to do to get up the level of Gatlin". Again why is everyone ignoring the fact that Gatlin ran with 2.1 wind after him and Bolt ran into a slight head wind. C'mon man.

  • David Illouz

    Bolt will run 9.65 in the final , Gatlin the pressure of facing Bolt will get to him i predict 9.78 in the final of his season best, the media doubting Bolt are stupid Bolt Jogged to 9.96 his fastest Run in the heats ever at world or olympics.

  • Henriette Fleury

    this is the line up for the semis
    bolt,lemaitre,bromell,de grasse………

  • Nemanja Dicic

    That was a victory of real sport and real athletes.
    You can't beat beat mother nature, no matter how much drugs you take Gatlin. You, your hypocritical country and capitalism are the cancer of real sports and planet earth.

  • Phen amenol

    can anyone say what happen to the little united states fellow who anchored the 4×1 relays in bahamas and gave a bolt "to the world pose " and drew his finger across his throat…havent heard anything about him since he was booed out here at our national stadium here in jamaica

  • Phen amenol

    my predictions that were made BEFORE these championships started bolt in 9.65 gatlin second third powell ..fourth gay …security roger from watt town has gatlin to win in 9.70 powell second bolt third and gay fourth …fagon from aabuthnott has gatlin to win in 9.72 bolt second third powell fourth ..wayne ashley from morgans pass has bolt in 9.67 gatlin second gay third powell fourth …sorry wagonists out there these predictions were made before the games started u cant jump on now having already seen the heats ,,phenameno …( Jamaica)

  • kdub77

    Gatlin looking poised for the upset IMO….he has been the best and most consistent in the world all year…Bolt however is a beast when it counts the most!

  • SChome100

    The commentators are really bias. Usain Bolt is smart for not running the 100 meter all out. It helps save energy for the final race.

  • Renee Brown

    Exactly Anthony, plus look at Usain…. he's practically jogging at 9.96. Please!! I'm so over these commentators.

  • Takudzwa Kasenya

    usain will definately win, slowed down around 50m and almost came to a halt towards the end and still clocked a sub 10 time……… and mind gatlin almost matched his personal best…….

  • Tony Dawez

    Bolt ran the start eased in the middle and almost stopped in the end and still ran 9.97, LMAO. WHAT YOU WORRIED ABOUT??