Usain Bolt 9.96 Men’s 100m Heat 7 IAAF World Championship Beijing 2015

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  • anthony clarke

    Commentator: "He didn't take on the time of Justin Gatlin". How stupid can you be. Of course he didn't take on that time because it wasn't wind aided like Gatlin's was.

  • Phen amenol

    sticking to my prediction that i made before these championship started bolt first 9.65 gatlin second powell third gay fourth …security roger from watt town has gatlin first in 9.70…powell second bolt third and gay fourth ..wayne ashley from morgans pass has bolt in 9.67 ..gatlin second third and powell fourth …fagon from aabuthnott has gatlin to win in 9.72 ..bolt third powell fourth ….these were made before the championships started…sorry wagonists cant predict AFTER the event has started …phenamenol (jamaica)

  • Ondřej Vitík

    It is much like London race. No visible improvement. After this race bookmakers believe Justin more which is bad.
    I hope he will fly through semis (his race will be maybe easier than this heat). He can't say "It was bad but the next race will be better" whole season.

  • Dennis Barnhoorn

    Wtf? Not impressive blabla. he's 1st in his heat and thats the only thing that matters.
    Whats the point of running a 9,80? only a waste of energy. Bolt is a smart man.

    Oh and another thing -0.3 and +2.1 is a huge diffrence….

  • tim newman

    bolt looks lean and fast out of the blocks. he looks lighter than in the past, but maybe sharper. he didnt appear to have the speed he once had, but that said, he looks like he's just covering rodgers. his last 30 looks relaxed. you'd have to give him at least 0.1 seconds in the tank, maybe more. that brings him to his recent london speed. So assuming that he's faster than that, then he looks good for a sub 9.8. Give him 1.5m/s wind, and then you have a low 9.7/high 9.6.

  • Jamie Joseph

    Yes, Gatlin ran a better time, because he had a tornado behind his back with 2.1 wind. Bolt will win no doubt, he looks really good running sub 10 without hitting top speed.

  • Lythrana Nirinath

    Gatlin qualified with a better time…so what! What a stupid comment. I still don't think there is absolutely no chance he can beat Usain in the final. And Bolt was always slow in his start but after 60m his speed is just superhuman!

  • Webster Jeremie

    He men of little faith. Analyse the race in its true entirety before just bloating out your opinions. Yes wind makes a difference but watch the competitors bolt had in his heat. Rogers has been consistent under 10 secs. As i have said before bolt knows his competition and even with a not so good start he caught Rogers even before the 40 meter line. Between 40 to 70 bolt accelerated and remained with a speed just to stay head of Mike Rogers. He simply just won his heat thats wat it was about. In the semis depending on who he is up against he will run faster. Usain don't need a very good start to defeat anyone. Once he is focussed he can defeat all odds. Gatlin may get a 9.69 in the Final but that wont be enough because Usain will pass him between 60 and 80 meters and dip at the line in wat maybe a time like in London 2012 OR BETTER……. Now here is rationalization for you folks. Drink a cup of tea on it….. Oh and Gatlin had no competition in his heat . He wasn't up against any athlete who run sub 10 consistently this season in his heat . He knew that so he ran to put on a show starting fast and allowing some athletes to go past him and playing the Usain Bolt tactic by looking around and then had to pic up again just to pass and win them. He has been running 9'7's all season but he eh reach 9.6 yet. His best chance is tying American record But Usain ah go blaze up de trackl and win Gold again. Anyone wanna bet. 100 US

  • Van Der

    I can't believe how some people are so dumb. Comparing Gatlin's time with Bolt. Gatlin ran 9.83, with a tornado behind his back!

  • dallo wallo

    That was a leisurelyopener for Bolt. A little lethargic at the start maybe, but the semis will tell us a lot more. Those expecting an easy win are unrealistic in my view.

  • First Last

    I'm with bolt all the way. He is an amazing athlete. Just looking at his start I see he is still driving across his body with his legs. I thought he got rid of that ah bit a few years back any way, Bolt 1st, Asafa, 2nd