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  • Muzikrazy213

    Joe went completely off-script here. And Colbert made a decision that starts to shape his style in late night and he let him talk. his. bloody. heart out.
    Bravo, Colbert. Most other late-night comedians would get antsy with no laughter from the audience and either throw in a joke to lighten the mood or refer to the cue cards for another dumb, network-appeasing, late-night-talk-show question. But not you, Stephen. Not. You.
    Once again, Bra-fucking-vo, Colbert. Brilliant stuff here and the part of the George Clooney interview that sadly did not make it to air.

  • Xanxei

    Biden seems like a sweet dude, but a tired dude. Let the man retire. There's already a PERFECT candidate running, and that's Bernie Sanders.

  • IWP23

    For all the americans watching this, would you want Joe Biden to run for president? As an outsider looking in he seems like a very genuine person (which can be quite rare in politics) and he appears as a very credible candidate. Also great interview by Colbert.

  • switchbuckle5th

    This…this is why I watch Stephen Colbert and why I watched Letterman and Jon Stewart. Fallon is fun, his games with celebrities are of course entertaining and likable, but with Colbert and his ilk I get genuine conversations from people who matter, and moment of introspection and understanding and just genuine reflections of human experience. That's so, so much more satisfying than celebrities lip syncing songs from other celebrities.

  • Erica Truchon

    Vice President Biden talks of being choked up in front of the troops as a chacter flaw to be overcome if you run for the presidency. Not to back talk you Sir, but on this point I wholeheartedly disagree. That expression of emotion belies a sensitivity, and heartfelt sense of what it means to be human, that is greatly lacking in the political sphere of today. Your dignity, strength, and humility, are what make you unique, and among a select group of politicians to be trusted. You have my sincerest of apologies regarding the losses of your wife and son, as well. Many would have crumbled under such an emotional burden, but you persevere. The memory of the kindness, and decency, of your family are carried on in you, and you are representing them very well. God Speed to you Sir, and if you ever do run for President someday, you will have this voter's full support. :)

  • David Paul

    Totally digging Colbert's style of Late Show. Political, Issues, Emotion, Pop Culture, Funny… He might take over as king of Late Night sooner rather than later.

  • John W

    "Nobody is better than you but remember you are not better than anybody" This is what distinguishes Joe Biden from all of the Republican candidates. They all think they are more worthy, are better, and know more than the rest of us. Joe Biden is a humble man who has devoted his life to serving others.

  • Potato Battery

    Kimmel is just mean, Conan is very sarcastic (in a funny way), Fallon is somewhat annoying but has entertaining guests, but Colbert….he's genuine. He's funny. He brings guests that no other late show host would bring, people who actually matter rather than just a bunch of celebrities, and then he lets these people speak their hearts out and responds empathetically. Glad to see this continue from the Colbert Report/Daily Show, because in the end, that's really what sets him (and Jon Stewart) apart: being able to elegantly tackle issues beyond "who lip sings better"

  • QuantumBraced

    So Joe is saying I'm not qualified to be President, because I show my true emotions sometimes? I don't think that's a disqualification.