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  • Jdevy

    Don't ask why, but this video makes me want to launch a unmanned rocket ship to space full of stuff from the 80's…

  • Stoner James

    Hey, Arcade Warrior! New Subscriber! While watching this, I heard you mention that you had an Atari 2600, Apple ii, and other classic consoles and hand-held devices from the 80s and 90s. I'm just curious. Is this something your father had back then and he gave it to you, or…? Because you can't be more than between 14-16 yrs old. But I remember them since I was 8 when I got my Atari 2600. So it would be cool to know because to me it only seemed like serious gamers that would still be interested in the classic games form the 8os. One other thing that got me curious also is you mentioned that you can't hardly fine arcades with video games from the early 80s to at least 97 which was when I moved back to Norway where I was born. Moved there when I was 6 months old since my asshole father got a good job there at the University of Minnesota as a dental teacher. But to cut this short, what are arcades like over there now? Are they all just basically games that you win tickets on or claw machines and stuff like that? See, in Norway we don't have arcades AT ALL here like you do. But they have Vegas type slot machines galore though. So if your still reading this and want to send me an answer, cool! If not, that's fine, too. Either way, may Lady Luck continue to sit on your shoulder and keep winning those tickets!

  • Charles Doolittle

    +Arcade Warrior is this place only where u live or is it a common place? What do I look up to find out what this place is

  • Grab N Go

    Great video! Pretty interesting games! You won my giveaway, pm me your address and ill ship it out! If you could please do an unboxing video on it!

  • jared roberts

    its so funny thats when we were born (us 2000 kids) and we think wow 2000 that wasent that long ago but its 15 years its just so weird to think it been that long

  • FRIZ-B

    A really cool place to go to is the pinball museum it's all u can play for 10 dollars it's also a free arcade if u pay the ten dollars