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  • Lacey TayyyHAYYY

    Man this is beautiful how they all came together in JESUS CHRIST AND IN LOVE.. I FEEL LIKE I DONE BEEN TO CHURCH!! Praise God.. Glory to God!!

  • ChrististheVictoryII

    Either way, she's good! Not if she wasn't right with GOD! No one can pray anyone into Heaven. Unless the Lord has manifested Himself to her in her comatose state and then takes her Home, we won't know but I pray that whether or not she wakes up, she has an encounter with Christ and that the comfort and salvation only He provides, will give her peace! I feel so sad for her but I do believe that GOD has a plan in this. I believe as a prophetic person that it is very possible that the Lord is using this to cause both the Houstons (who have not been prayed for or addressed in this vigil thusfar) to truly surrender to Christ. Not just mouth and mental assent but not real repentance; then causing her to come to! She was not the only child that made it to delivery out of those that Whitney miscarried before and after her for NO reason! This girl has a great purpose. She will break the generational cycles in both bloodlines! This is why she has endured the worst and at such an early age. The one that is marked to break it get fought the worse!

  • Elijah Russ

    Bless her Lord I beg of you to fix her lord, heal her body Lord, open her eyes and her soul so she may see the Glory of your power in your name I pray Jesus Amen

  • Stick Best

    Deny, deny, deny… I had a hard time deciding on rather to post this or not then I thought well Not that everyone will care but maybe it will help somebody. My daughter was 12 years old she was taken from school. I Looking for her and not knowing where she was for years and years I lost my freaking mind took many drugs drank like a fish I WAS PARTYING to cover up the hurt of not being a better mother and sending my kid to school to be taken. I DIDN'T THINK I HAD A PROBLEM! Well after many years I became 1 cold don't give a crap about anything hit the bottom person. I hated the person I had become. I realised there was a problem with ME! I turn to God 4 years ago gave up all the ugliness Got clean, got right with God…After almost 1 year to the day 3 years ago.After my daughter had been missing for 19 almost 20 years My Son told me he found my daughter on facebook..She was taken out of the country and told I died. Anyways The Point of my story is, It's easy to say what you would do in a situation, until you are in that situation they are entirely 2 different things. And yes the Lord works in mysterious ways if there is any hope don't give up. If you are doing illegal drugs it's a problem.. And until you realise theres a problem then of course you don't think you need help! Look where dening got Whitney, her daughter and many many other people. and yes I will be posting this on other pages on the internet.

  • ItsMeMia

    This is black people at its best… Praying and shouting after the fact but never addressing the root of the problem. This same type of singing & shouting was done at Whitney's funeral. The root of the problem was never addressed. 3 years later, now Bobbi Kristina is in the same damn position. We love to be in concert, singing, dancing, shouting, performing. We have a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. But no one will ever address it! No one is going to say one word about addiction, drugs, all this stupid ass partying, alcoholism we love to participate in. We love to get together with this foolishness of praising and shouting, the girl is on her death bed. There is no seriousness, nor any problem solving going on at all. As a result, the trend of us dying young will continue… Because we have not learned to stop playing games…we will continue to ignore the problem while we shout, pray, suffer, look foolish and continue to die young. Nothing wrong with praying… but we always have a gospel singing concert then everybody goes home and continues the same dysfunctional shit… If I had to say a quick prayer, I PRAY THAT WE HURRY UP AND WAKE THE F*CK UP… or we will keep dying this way. I wish someone could have reached her in time.

  • Madelyn Trujillo

    JesusChrist the only true and living God can heal her if that's his will and whenever he wants to. He is love and he's merciful. We do keep praying for a miracle because when men say there's nothing else we can do then God does a miracle for his honor and glory.

  • Michelle Nard

    I lost my child at the precious age of 6, he had cancer and I sat by his bedside for days and 3 year's asking GOD to heal my child, but never the less your will be done many days I sat there alone just him and I and his Dr and nurses running in and out his room. One day he had a seizure and slipped into a coma, I cried out LORD HELP! My child woke up and asked for his mommy, I went in his room he was hooked up to so many machine's but he opened his eyes and said to me mommy it's my time to go but your prayers are keeping me he said JESUS told him he would bring him home but your mother isn't ready. I asked GOD to give me the strength to except HIS will and on Easter Sunday early in the morning my child went home to JESUS. It's not easy for a parent to loose their child and negative remarks only make it worse so please if you don't have a prayer or anything positive to say sshh say nothing. GOD BLESS YOU!

  • ayisha haruna

    May God revive and heal this young lady, My heart is really broken about this young lady, yes its really hard but is not hard for God……Please heal her God Almighty, Bring her back to life……..AMEN

  • Hunter Parker

    All of these shitty and hateful comments are being said by people who have no sympathy or respect for anyone, not even themselves.

  • terr debra

    Adam your words are cruel myGod you call the late whitney a Whore, What how could you, and your comment about boobi kristina no man your heart is cold it could be you Adam .

  • Gloria Richardson


  • Frances Kallay

    You will live Bobbi, & will not die. Right now I speak life into your body by the power of the holy gost, receive strength in the name of Jesus! Thank you lord for your healing in Jesus Name I pray Amen. Her life will be a great testimony. @Bobbiloveones, all things are working together for her good. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Was thinking not to post I should only pray in my heart since I found it difficult to compose but I keep telling myself that I can do althings through christ who strengthen me.Thank you lord.