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  • David Beahn

    It is so nice to have a president that believes in equality. Now freedom oat the work place. PRIDE is alive!!!

  • ddylla85

    Gay man here and while this is a momentous day; I find it odd that the people's house is lit up in rainbow tonight, but they do not "light it up blue" every year for autism.

  • Domenic Falcone

    The White House belongs to the people of the United States. It is not intended to be lit up by rainbow colors to reflect the opinions of a jackass President. No other President in history has disrespected the "People's House" like this. Put the proper lighting back NOW.

  • donc1701

    Your hard earned taxpayer dollars at work by the Gay Kenyan Mudslum, Communist In Chief.

    You really know how to focus on real problems Barry Oh-now you and Michael can come out of the closet-maybe a ménage a trios w/Reggie tonight to celebrate-and they'll have a gay ole time on taxpayer free $$$$$. This calls for another VACATION!