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  • Phantomhive

    I care about the Canadian elections because if we get a radically bad president like Trump, I need to know who my new prime minister will be.

  • Shkotay D

    We need to get the conservative prime minister OUT. He is trying to play politics like an american republican, and has been transforming politics and the economy into a republicans idea of that.

    11 weeks for us is twice the normal length of our usual elections. We used to allow 5 (I think, but it wasnt long) and ONLY a certain small amount of money to be spent. He has increased the time for campaigning, and now donations and money matter MUCH more than they used to. This will be a tactic used next time by whoever gets in, who may call an earlier one, cause the richest party wins that way (and the Cons of course have vast corporate support). Which parties in power wouldnt want to get a bigger advantage next time, right?

    This guy has been bad for everything, but I will admit he is a master salesman. He can take a pile of poop, paint it gold, and convince people that he is indeed selling them gold.

    As a native canadian, I can tell you he is almost openly hostile towards us, and anything environmental, and he has muzzled our scientists from speaking out, especially against criticisms of his actions when they go against best scientific practice and knowledge..

  • dangerouslytalented

    Harper in Canada and Abbott in Australia are only to the left of the American mainstream because that is as far to the right they are allowed to be. They WANT to go further. They have admitted as much. Abbott, for example, thinks that the pre Obamacare American healthcare system was a great target for where to bring Australia.

  • tyrongkojy

    Our elections aren't as clean as you might think. It turns out the conservatives have been full blown cheating for at least a decade, and nothing's been done about it.