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  • KingPimpyMax

    1. Giants
    2. Cowboys
    3. Eagles
    4. Redskins

    1. Panthers
    2. Falcons
    3. Saints
    4. Buccaneers

    1. Seahawks
    2. Cardinals
    3. Rams
    4. 49ers

    1. Packers
    2. Lions
    3. Vikings
    4. Bears

    1. Bills
    2. Patriots (if Brady is suspended)
    3. Dolphins
    4. Jets

    1. Colts
    2. Texans
    3. Jaguars
    4. Titans

    1. Broncos
    2. Chiefs
    3. Chargers
    4. Raiders

    1. Steelers
    2. Bengals
    3. Ravens
    4. Browns

  • John Beaulieu

    We all know you don't like Cooper, for a guy who talks about second chances for much more dangerous cases, how about you practice that across the board. Signed Joe Public

  • W-train.goobies1130

    NFC East:
    1- Dallas Cowboys
    2- Philadelphia Eagles
    3- NY Giants
    4- Washington Redskin

    Dallas to Conference finals, maybe Superbowl. Eagles maybe to wildcard

  • Steven Escareno

    Although I hate the Dallas Cowboys, I have to admit that the NFC East division is their's to lose this season; regardless of what these guys said. The Eagles are still questionable.

    The Giants aren't really that consistent, and the Redskins will be lucky to make 500 this year. Let alone win the division.

  • John Lewis

    The Cowboys will win the NFC East, but it is close. The Eagles have a better running game, young receiving core, added Kiko Alonso at LB, and they have the 3rd ranked o line. The Cowboys aren't the only team with a stud o line.

  • A Guy Who Hopes

    1. Cowboys (11-5)
    2.Giants (10-6)
    3.Eagles (8-8)
    4.Redskins (4-12)


    1. Cowboys (12-4)
    2. Eagles (10-6)
    3. Giants (9-7)
    4. Redskins (5-11)

    Everybody knows the redskins aren't doing shit this year. Giants i can see doing way better than they did last year and the eagles well they could either go (10-6) for the thrid year in a row or worse. As for the Cowboys well i dont see any weaknesses so far besides the running game (which is still unproven) and its only Preseason its not like they have all their starters playing so you cant judge any team based off of preseason besides the back ups.