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  • SabuPtolemy

    Islam has been at war with the non-Muslim world for 1393 years, ever since the original Muslim terrorist, the prothug Muhammed, rose from hapless preacher to powerful warlord and started to enforce Islam by the sword across the Arabian peninsula persecuting and killing Jews, Christians and pagans. Europeans fought against Islamic oppression for 1000 years yet all this has been forgotten and today our media elites are trying to sell us Islam as 'cultural enrichment' and our politicians are leaving the borders wide open so that millions of these Muslim troglodytes can enter Europe and spread their Satanic cancer. It's time to resist!

  • Ancient Soul

    BEND over America! We Are next!! But like the other dumbed down Fox news viewers we will blame Islam instead of our own government who funds these crazies! Yes blame someone else for your own stupidity!! It's easier I guess.

  • performingsys

    It looks like a war zone because it is .a war zone. Wake up world this is war against life as we once knew it. It is time we remove these ruthless killers. If Hitler had not been stopped we would all be speaking German now.

  • Big Boss

    I thought shooting like this didn't happen in other countries? Truth is, they happen in gun free zones. All of France is essentially a gun free zone. Thank God this can't happen in America! Except in locations that Obama and liberals make gun free.

  • Mhd Al Fickrie

    islamic irak and syria is not a true muslim they're syaiton who wants broke our religion ..FUCK ISIS ! all muslim in the world hate you !

  • julie selden

    Hmmm isn't it funny how they always manage to find some US citizen that just happens to be there? Maybe if someone would have had a gun they could have stopped them!!! NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUN! This proves that!!!

  • Omar Iw

    So now the terrorists turned on them ? , HAHAHAHAHAHA, You had it coming mother fuckers!!! , We been saying for years don't support the terrorists in Syria and support the Assad government to crush them but noooooo ,You want regime change by sending weapons to the terrorists to overthrow Assad at any cost , Call Putin and Assad they will handle this shit for you ,Assad in 2013 said the terrorists will migrate from my country to yours so help us stop them here !! , No one listened to him !! .

  • Momo Hana

    It took me back to the videos which Isis cut down people's head off. Oh my… how did they do that? that's so brutal and mindless.