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  • The Realness

    I like how Katina admitted in a interview that the only reason she is telling her story is for money. I also like how she originally said her daughters were underaged at the time and then quickly switched up her story. I also like how NCAA can't figure what rules were broken.

  • Jake Benducci

    All Universities around the nation are on a mad dash to clean up their athletic programs, Louisville may be the target in the crosshairs, but after the NCAA shoots, they will turn their sights to the next University. Care to guess which ones?

  • Ben smith

    Recruiting corruption is the norm. So why does every worthless whore get to have a voice? Bring it all out in the open, pay and tax the players, let the players market their names; they might as well be paid because nothing else will change the corruption. It would be easy to control if everything was out in the open. Going on this way, listening to every degenerate, every whore who has run out of time on the ho track and wants to mine a buck from public relations-nonesense. Not every voice and opinion is equal if you are sane. If you are sane you make people back up what they say with credibility, reason, and evidence. Tell this whore to shut up.

  • ToolmanThe48

    funny a sex steroid! didn't know that was against NBA regulations, and look at how hot she is what man wouldn't play to win some of that booty, and how can it be cheating getting a little pussy, it's not like the players were under age , ok as they would have it every basketball player should be celibate divorced and if single stay with the hand, pedophile priest don't get this much condemnation when caught in the act! what a screwed up wickedworld people have made for themselves

  • Will Richardson

    true or not. Louisville has not had any five star recruits . if they investigate this and sanction Louisville they will have to investigate every college basketball program in the country… nd again who did she woe.

  • zigyzigy13

    This is nothing new. The White race do this type of thing all the time, but suddenly, when any non-White does it, it becomes a big big news with spotlight over them ignoring the "ten of thousands" of Caucasians doing it on a daily basis. Check the locals News.