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    The user did the video from the Fox Sports Brazil website ( the BRAZILIAN TV for WWE). So that's why you're listening to a couple of guys speaking Portuguese.

  • Heightz Rubirosa

    Hhh fixing the mistake he did by taking the heat off wyatt. Wyatt was on his way before the match vs undertaker at wm. Wwe is like wcw in there last days. They don't really know what to do. They speed up seth to face his own busy again. Etc. Kane it's a clown. You can break character like that. It's nothing wrong with the wrestlers. It's there character that is weak. Cena needs to turn heal and ratings will fly. Roman reigns should have a family fued with the rock to bring drama. Randy orton needs to go back to pycho randy orton and fued with brock. Make him more immortal. Have orton daughter involved to add drama. Seth rollins vs cena again yet make rollins the new baby face. Cena join the authority and hbk manages seth. Which brings that old fued with hhh etc. Man if I was the writer I will take wwe where it needs to be

  • Terrell Cole

    What the fuck was this.Brock won.Then Wyatt takes out Taker.Freakin Wyatt.Seriously.Bray isn't even relevant with Taker anymore.This just pissed me off.

  • Mike S

    Lesnar for the life of him cannot keep his head from hitting the turnbuckle post whenever he's thrown into it. He puts his hand up so his head doesn't hit it, but ends up missing it and cracks his head on the post. That's twice he's opened himself up doing that.

  • Aldenir Alves

    outra vez o fenômeno caiu mais dessa vês de pé porque foi pra guerra contra Brock lesnar a família Wyatt merece incara 100 Brock lesnar devido a falta de respeito diante do undertaker

  • Hygor Rhuan

    Tnc, esse caipira já tá dando raiva ele não canço de apanha não? cara chato! será que vamos ter Kane e taker x os caipira?