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  • Left Hook

    I think it's crazy how McGregor has hardly even proved himself in the UFC and he gets a title shot just like that. Who has he actually fought? So far he's got no idea of the level of thebestguys in that divisionlike Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar, Cub Swanson and even Urijah Faber and he thinks he can stop Aldo in 1 round… C'mon be realistic. Aldo's beaten them all. Hehasn't even fought at thetop 5in that division. He's foughta#7 ranked guy( 7= including Aldo ) and Dennis fucking Siver, his last opponent, who isn't even in the top 10. Don't get me wrong, he does sound convincing and determined but when you look at the facts, what he's actually accomplished, then you realise how small his chances actually are.

  • smokes161

    Remember when Gustafsson fought Manuwa. Everybody thought Manuwa was going to bring it because he was 14-0 but nobody notice that Manuwa faced nobody worth mentioning. I first thought Conor was great because I respect his intensity and his motivation for his homeland. But lets not get it twisted… Lets not be stupid… Conor haven't faced nobody worth mentioning. Holloway is good but still on the average scale. Aldo beat too many legit fighters and beat a former champion Edgar. Defended his belt for like 5 years now. Conor is not yet experience enough to face a fighter like Aldo. Conor is going 0 to 100 real quick.

  • BoyDanny93

    I don't think Conor would be able to handle Aldo's explosiveness. Aldo hands down has the best leg kicks in MMA today. This guy make some of his opponents unable to walk for couple of hours or even days after a fight. That's how deadly his leg kicks are.

  • Sanju Singh (CONOR WILL KO ALDO)

    I often wonder do people even watch aldos fights with some of the statements they do be coming out with

    -Conor is too flat footed for aldo (Really? aldo plods foward and is the very definition of flat footed!)

    -Aldo s too fast and on another level in terms of striking? (No just plain no, mcgregor has the advantage standing and is faster anyone that has any idea about striking knows this is true!)

    -Aldo wasnt too fast for chad mendes a pure wrestler that recently realised he d hands he lit aldo up and dropped him what do you think a pure striker like mcgregor will do? he is light years beyond mendes

    So to sum it up, Mcgregor is faster a better striker and is bigger has better cardio than aldo and better movement is aldo capable of winning? most certainly but the advantage lies with mcgregor

    Aldo seems unbeatable but so did anderson silva, and when you take off the rose tinted aldo glasses and compare the two fighters on indivdual skills its clear to see who has the advantage!

    Mcgregor by tko 2nd/3rd

  • slicvm

    Man another hype train like it was with Guffstason. Ppl stop fking day dreaming. Your boy Conor is great but has yet to be proven. He will finally face the challenge of his life and even if he were to win by some stroke of luck, there's more contenders waiting for me. When a fighter comes from Europe with a "nice" not great winning streak, ppl get so emotional…

  • I.C. Weiner

    everyone talking about reach needs to remember kenny florian was literally the SAME size as conor mcgregor. Aldo is gonna win this convincingly.

  • Earthwalker40

    Ireland will be the new cradle of mma. These people are capable and ready to rule the roost. When you say fight, you might as well call the Irish.

  • villain2809

    Since the comment section of this tribute to the great skills of Aldo has become nothing more than a meaningless discussion of Mcgregors chances against him, and seeing so many stupid comments I might post one aswell. All biases aside McGregor has a very big chance to win against aldo, he's fresh, he's hungry like never before and he has that kind of hunger that Aldo doesnt have anymore because he has already accomplished becoming the champion. They are both very skilled athletes, but in terms of how hungry they are to keep and get the belt you'd have to give Connor the advantage. Anything can happen and it will be an exciting fight, but if I had to bet I would put my money on Connor for this one. Simply because I think he is the more motivated fighter at this point, I think the work he puts in and the little extra he gives every day to become champion because of his greater motivation will be the key to him winning this fight.

  • Daniel Laze

    It will be so funny to see Aldo beat a nation….McGregor's head will be dribbled all over that mat…and a nation of drunks will then boost alcohol sales t dodge their depression …buy some stock in alcohol ya shmucks…its gonna be pretty.

  • Dakoda Pettigrew

    For all the McGregor lovers! And still the UFC featherweight champion of the world! Jose Aldo Jr! 25-1…..

  • BigStickyNugs

    aldos last 9 fights – decision,decision,TKO,decision,KO,decision,decision,KO,decision
    connors last 9 fights – TKO,TKO,TKO,decision,TKO,KO,submission,KO,TKO

    aldo is not the fighter he used to be.

  • Oscar Pineda

    Leg kicks from fucking hell.
    He throws em so hard he actually throws himself off balance when executing them.
    Hope he breaks off McGregor's legs and beats him over the head with them.