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  • TheRealChocolateMilk

    To every one saying "HA PC GOT WHAT WAS COMING!" As soon as this horrible quality becomes more standard and people brush it off because "fps doesn't matter", we will see a large decline in the quality of games overall and the quality of games at launch. We need to start seeing gaming as a fully connected ecosystem and not just a console/pc side. When one area gets hit it will cause after shocks in another area. That being said we also have to realize when we get a horribly optimized, buggy and content empty game and start voting with our wallets. If you are willing to pay for garbage then the producer will continue to create more and more garbage.

  • Anthony Lacey

    They outsourced the development of the pc port to a sub par dev team, and expected good results, pay for shit and you will receive shit

  • JustSomeDamnGinger

    I mean, is this a surprise anymore? I play on PC, but I honestly expect every game I pick up to be broken around launch. And the last Arkham game had a not-so-great PC launch as well, so I'm really not surprised.

  • Joe Wilson-Palmer

    This is why you shouldn't pre-order games everybody!

    you should have taken the hint when they didn't give out PC review copies.

  • Abyssionknight

    I definitely agree that games should not be broken and terribly buggy on launch. Just because you're capable of putting out patches at later dates, doesn't mean you should slack off on your QA.

    The sad truth though is that consumers still buy (or even preorder!) these games, which makes this practice acceptable. After all from a business perspective, why invest months of time on QA if you can ship the game, make profits, and have the community find all the bugs for you?

    It's good to see that this sort of practice, especially when taken to extremes, is being negatively received. Maybe it'll make developers think twice about the degree to which they slack off on their quality assurance.

  • Dorian Lang (RangerXML)

    Cancelled my preorder because of out of control preorder DLC bonuses and the fact that last time I bought an Arkham game it was 50% off a month after release. I'm waiting for the GOTY Edition and a Steam sale. I also cancelled my MKX preorder and it was also buggy as shit on release, also waiting for a GOTY Edition.

  • Caleb Stovall

    I'm fucking tired of developers. Us PC gamers almost always get some sort of gamebreaking bug at launch. And they cater to shitty consoles that can barely run shit, but don't seem to give two fucks about the platform that makes their games run better and opens up more options.

  • Revanaught

    Console gamers aren't complaining because they haven't been exposed to 60fps gaming as often. For lack of a better word, they're not spoiled and are used to shitty framerates.

  • Vinicius Ferreira

    Meh, I'm not even mad. After AC Unity and Watching Dogs I just wait to the game come out and see the reviews, if it is broken then I dont buy it, if you pre order, well, someday you will learn.

  • Left4Donut

    The only reason this is happening is because Rocksteady outsourced the job of the PC port to a different company. A company that obviously didn't give two shits about making it work OR didn't get enough time to optimize it for the PC and released it anyway. Either way, it's bullshit and Rocksteady needs to get this fixed ASAP.