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  • bgfishing

    Deflategate is bullshit. Just like spygate it's Way over exaggerated.

    If brady himself deflated the balls, it's on record as a 20 to 25000 dollar tampering penalty. Meaning a slap on the wrist. A speeding ticket. Therefore the NFL doesn't think it's a big deal. But wait… it's TOM BRADY and New England. The NFL has never been more popular in the offseason.

    This overshadowed the draft and the red Sox sucking. That's how big this was made.

    No prerecorded psi prior to the start of the game. 2 air pressure guages with inconsistent differences. No evidence of Brady doing anything or telling anyone to do anything. This is Garbage.

    This "give the Patriots unprecedented penalties" is REDICULOUS.

  • John Waters

    Every team cheats in some way or other. The difference is that the Patriots have been caught many times. Rules have been created because of them. For instance snow plows are not allowed during a football game. Not matter the team. No matter the infraction there needs to be punishment for any rules broken. What this hurts more than anything is Brady's image. He will forever lose the image of a great quarterback who just shows up and plays the game with integrity. He is still one of the greatest quarterbacks that ever played but now he has this to carry with him where ever he goes. There is no amount of punishment greater than the loss of integrity.

  • Mac Fresh

    ha lol so great lynch is why they lose the game lol jk i know why they lost not cuz they suck or anything like that but bcuz bad play call

  • Vernon France

    Aaron Rodgers admits that he likes to try to get by with overinflating his footballs. For Aaron that's fine with the fans and the retired quarterbacks but they won't let Brady off so eaily even though his statement is firm. He had nothing to do with the change in psi. Turns out the law of physic called the Ideal Gas Law backs him up. Any gas under pressure will lose pressure when moved from a warmer to a cooler temperature. The amount lost is dependent on the amount of temperature variance.

  • David Lightfoot

    Brett Favre needs to invest in some Just For Men hair colouring. He's supposedly 45 years old, but he looks like he's in his late 60's. I know he's a grandfather already, but damn, he's older than he looks. Crikey!

  • raul9599

    I agree with the great Brett Favre when he says that Tom Brady should have won the NFL league MVP award for 2014. That's ok though because Brady instead got the Super Bowl 49 MVP award!

  • supreme_ deity00

    It doesnt matter people about the deflated football, patriots fucked the colts 45-7 and thats including the defense shutting luck down.

  • sputnikalgrim

    It's good to see Brett speaking about the game he loves without any stigma. So happy he's coming home to Green Bay. Go Pack Go!

  • Divine Aria

    I liked Favre when he played for GB but he has NEVER supported Rodgers, ever. He's so jealous of the guy. Rodgers' stats blows his away…which is why he's downplaying stats. He can't stand the thought that Rodgers might someday go down as the better Packers QB. Of course he would support Brady. Clear as day he doesn't want Rodgers winning another MVP or another SB. The legendary Bart Starr is a great mentor to Rodgers, and he supports one of his own. Favre is such a selfish, petty guy. Terrible. I wanted to welcome him back to GB but it's things like this that leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.