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  • MyNameIsSimple72

    Its off!? According to Ballague the documents didnt arrive in time and De Gea will be a United player this season!? False hope? Or is this a possibilty? I really do hope so…

  • KashhhFC

    Mark just a suggestion for the group vids. Instead of getting everyone to mute, wouldnt it make more sense to get everyone to put earphones in? That way we would be able to hear the lads' reactions to ur hilarious one liners haha, and there wouldnt be an echo. Obv its ur decision, just a suggestion :)

  • Alex Joe

    united have sold all 5 ( van persie , falcao , chicarito , januzai , di maria ) attackers we have and now we have been left with rooney off form version and we have let de gea go , disappointed don't want martial , big BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

  • achiri emmanuel

    Deal off..We should bench me..BTW, +The United Stand..The English window is still open..We can buy from Spain and Germany, but they can't buy from England cause their windows are close

  • therobbieunited

    de gea was a great signing,got us back in the champions league,and like you said he was always going so good luck to him,he held all the cards and got his move but that's football,look what rooney did to get his latest contract and united fans love him

  • casperld

    I don't wish any player well that wants to leave our club. same way when Ronaldo left. Thankful for what they did but basically fuck away off if you don't want to be here.

  • Khash Arian

    I watch this channel just to see you lot slowly accept manu is no longer a top club in terms of quality of football and players. As a Real Madrid supporter from Madrid, I have mixed feelings. I don't like to see united fall but let's be real. Name one player in your squad who is in the top ten best players in the world. I can't think of one.

  • Bradley Mcnamee

    We can still sign players from any league until tommorow night their window closing just mean they carnt buy any players

  • starkiller420nyl

    robbed buy real m again(fuk u de gea) fuckin 38m for a 19 year old some joke .navas who cares . some waste of time so far we shall see what deadline day brings us has to be another st

  • Ollie Young

    £29 million + Keylor Navas is a very good deal, in today's market Navas is probably worth around £15 million so in reality we've got around £45 million for De Gea.

  • 李恆瑞

    heard van gaal hijacked the new contract de gea was supposed to sign because he wanted navas all along…if that's true than lvg the one to blame for…all the unnecessary rumors & abuses de gea been getting…lvg forces him out of the club…the whole incidents with him claiming de gea not wanting to play for us is part of his conspiracy…too similar with the Valdes ones…he came out twice in a month time claiming both doesn't want to play for us yet both denied the claims…if lvg was behind all of this just to get navas…congrats u got ur man but fuck u for screwing with our club