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  • Young Los

    Honestly Fetty is one of those guys that i want to see continue to succeed…he's so grateful for what he has accomplished and is also humble about it…now yes the whole jet thing might be a bit much but he's young all he needs is someone (that he can trust) to help him with his money

  • True Journey

    It's funny how 6 months ago he only a 6 minute interview now ebro acting he was rocking with him the jump lol

  • Nye Money

    He surprised me with having another hit…I actually do like him…and having another young successful brother ain't nothing wrong wit that…one less person to fall victim to being a statistic…I mean if he capitalizes Off his celebrity and doesn't get in trouble..keep
    It up Wap I'm rocking wit u…and all these dick riders leave a positive comment or don't leave one b.c u haven't made it to this level yet…just keep grinding and use it as motivation to go further…

  • Taye Micke

    I just wanna know, how can you be bothered just cause he got dreads with extensions instead of growing it out… Like really. Weak asf.

  • Ross Boss

    Ebro trying to make this dude understand you don't have to drop cash like that on a plane and he just won't listen. He must think everybody he hears saying they fly private actually owns the plane. He didn't even know what charter meant. At that point I knew he needed to save EVERY penny he ever gets because he won't have it long. I bet Bill Gates and Oprah once chartered a plane. Not Rich ass Fetty Wap tho.