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  • hopalong707

    I really enjoyed this video. Bram, Crazy Stevie, EY and heck all of them were great. Especially like Brooke with her fireworks excitement.

  • Denoseyhan WWE

    The Pope: What's up ladies and gentlemen, it's your Pope! You know the name.. I'm standing here with a Englishman, the man from the Gladiator if you will, Magnus; as well as Crazzy Stevie! And you know what, we're here for a.. to wish you a happy Independence Day! When I think of Independence, Pope thinks of Rocky! What do you think daddy ?
    Magnus: When I think of Independence, I think of…. uh, wait a minute, hold on, I got the wrong one. Happy Independence Day everybody! Every Fourth of July! I love America! I'm a BriMerican (I invented that word, it's going to be in the dictionary one day).
    Bram: Happy…bloody…Fourth of July….from me…Bram!
    Mr. Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, it's me: Mr. Anderson. Anderson wishing you a happy Fourth of July! Now, with that being said, I gotta go whoop somebody's ass.
    Eric Young: I HATE YOU!! Happy Fourth of July. Hahahahahahaha, huh!
    Drew Galloway: Being from Scotland, you know, we like to think we know a thing or two about partying. The biggest party of the year, July Fourth! America, happy Independence Day!
    Brooke: Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Impact Wrestling! Boooooom!! Hahaha, that was my firework..I don't know if you got it..
    Brian Stiffler: Hey everybody, this is Brian Stiffler, referee from Impact Wrestling, and wishing you all a Happy Fourth of July!
    Rockstar Spud: Happy Fourth of July, America! Happy Independence Day! And thank you Will Smith for saving the planet.. Thank you Jeff Goldblum for noticing that aliens were attacking the planet.. And thank you Bill Gates of Windows and Microsoft for giving us the ability to upload a virus to an alien spacecraft. Without you, we wouldn't be here today! That's right, right? Independence Day..
    Brooke: Boooooom!! Yep, that happened.. What's next ?
    Madison Rayne: Hey guys, it's Madison Rayne here wishing all of you a Happy Fourth of July from everyone at Impact Wrestling!
    The Pope: And Crazzy Stevie! What do you.. as if you were talking to somebody.. but what do you have to say to the fans of TNA Impact for Independence Day ? Happy Fourth of July, what do you have to say ??
    Crazzy Steve: Ahem…
    The Pope: Da hell was that ?!