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  • jamie otis

    We always have so much fun making these videoed for yall! It's so awesome you guys like them! And we love hearing from Ya, too! Thanks for the comments! ❤️

  • Ronnie Clay

    Jamie I want to ask you something, when you was on the Bachelor season 16, what was your first reaction when you met Ben Flajnik, did you thought he was cute or someone unattractive?

  • Tawna Yrigoyen

    Are you guys still together? I just started watching the show? Jamie so glad you started trying with him he was a sweet guy and at 1st you were just so mean.

    How come you and Courtney didn't take your hubby's last name?

  • Leila Nozartash

    I'm definitely looking forward to more videos from you guys. I absolutely love the show. I'm very happy you guys made it. I hope you have a blessed and healthy life together.

  • Patty Ratliff

    I love you guys!! You and the other couple that stayed together are the reason I kept watching. I am truly hoping for the new couples this year to work out like you guys did! You make me smile!

  • kewayzey

    Hello from Malaysia…. MAFS The First Year just started airing here… you two are my favourite couple & hope you'll stay together forever. About having a baby, Jamie has a point that as a woman I understand… we aren't getting younger but it is SO true that having baby will change things A LOT. Not only will you have less time for Doug you won't have enough time for yourself!

  • Laurie Whitehead

    "Pay attention to me Doug, seriously," while your talking and he is distracted by something off camera (maybe an ipad/phone), that sounds like me and my husband. I get "uh-hu" and "what?" a lot. That's why it is fun to watch you guys deal with the same problems the rest of us do. :-)
    I'm really curious how different life is when the camera is off. How much of what happens on camera might turn out a little differently if you weren't being filmed?

  • RealYRM

    Commented in other video, but, the whole road you two took… it's inspirational to millions. Thank you both for being who you are.

  • Rikki Hurt

    I just love you guys!! Right now I have zero life due to just having back surgery and being on disability… however, I binge watched the entire first season and you two are such a great story. & your wedding (vow renewal) was simply gorgeous. Jamie – you seem like a beautiful soul… I have had 6 children of my own, one of which passed away 32 mins after birth and i just want to say nurses like you are like angels! Had it not been for my L&D nurse climbing into the bed with me and just wrapping her arms around me while I cried… I would probably still be a mess today. It takes a strong and beautiful person to do that type of work! & I hope when.. or if finances ever allow for it, that i can go to college to be a nurse. You are definitely an inspiration!

  • Richard Anderson

    what has amazed me is that Doug has sort of become quite shy whereas you +jamie otisseem more vibrant with every video – you make a cute couple though, WE knew it would work :) cheers for the laughs, its great that you find the time to do these videos :)

  • DeadMoNeyProductions BP

    Wow ur chemistry is so good it's unreal…I never woulda guessed after watching the first episode. Hey u guys should make a video on ur reaction to season 2 of married at first sight one girl reacted just like you did on the weddin day