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  • Peter Nguyen

    If JR continues to play with this much confidence, the Cavs are going to be very hard to beat! One man's trash is another man's treasure !!

  • Indigo Aura

    Where the hell was this jr smith when the Knicks needed him in that pacers series in 2013. He snapped but he is very inconsistent one game he splashing everything the next a brickfest. Warriors will beat Cavs in 6

  • Zackary Ziama

    lets be clear Cavaliers wins the finals this year what game 1 shown is efficient shooting attack unparalleled unmatched by the defensive resistance of playoff opposition fuck Stephen keep his name out the discussion when you talk about streaky three point shooters like swish please

  • fredrick coleman

    LeBrick James is being carried by sharp shooters to make the game easier for himself and refs to back him up. The finals will be warriors vs cavs for the purpose of ratings

  • zizi izi

    this playoffs ara garbage! excet clippers spurs series, rest is just shit, cavs route on this playoff is just a joke, no adversity, just sparring teams on east got no level, except bulls who got game and got fucked by refs, all is done by the nba in order to see lebron in finals again a west team with no defense, damn playoff are not what they used to be, no disrispect to hawks but thats not a championship team level…

  • Ali Farah

    At 1:42, he had an open shot but he waited till Millsap got in his face then he shot lol. Dude loves taking contested shots.