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  • Fernando Herrera

    This is why I'm sticking with made in the U.S clothes now. They are way more expensive. I rather have fewer quality clothing that aren't made from the overworked hands of children than to have loads of shit in my closet. And besides, the minimalist style is far better than all this weird crap.

  • Incertus Veritas

    Don't you ever wonder why us, living in the so called "first world" enjoy so many benefits? Why we have so much to choose from at the stores? Why our companies make so much money?… One day we will all pay the price for the apathy we show for the rest of the world.
    Slavery was never abolished, it was simply embellished inside a system that labels it "labour" (Child-Labour, Hand-Labour, Bonded-Labour, Forced-Labour, etc. etc. etc.).

  • Ollie Langdon

    This is why I walk around naked. The police call it "indecent exposure" or whatever, but I call it a silent protest. It's also very freeing.

  • Patricia Cross

    This is one of the primary reasons I buy 90% of my things second hand. No it doesn't completely avoid this problem; but it is as close as you can come really living in North America short of living in a homemade tent in the woods.

  • chaoticcranium

    Is it bad that I actually want to eat all of that food at the end?

    (Well, maybe not the expired seafood…)

  • crowcade

    So, Dan from CollegeHumor works on this I take it?

    He was probably my favourite, and his style comes through so I'm cool with this.

  • IamKuffarFalseFlagMe

    Its all very 'smugly pat yourself on the back for caring' , but it's quite irrelevent, if you paid 50 bucks for a now 10 buck shirt, does anyone really believe those children would benefit? surely nobody is that naive. The only winners would be the people that fund and run the textile factorys and mostly the clothing store owners..
    It is a problem only the government of these countrys can fix with employment laws and actually strictly enforcing them . Sadly they don't give a fuck about their people or any amount of finger wagging from the west.
    You also have to consider that many thousands of familys rely heavily on the little money those kids bring home, there are much much worst unpalatable things they may be forced to do if this option wasn't available. I know, it's shit! but it is what it is.

  • Dresden Pierce

    You can't control other countries. That is why work should be kept in america, but these stores know exactly what they're doing.

  • Piyush Upadhyay

    Child labor in Asia is a very complex situation.. I totally understand your concerns about child labor but let's face the reality… Most of these kids come from families whose parents are either alcoholic, really poor, dead or disabled. These developing countries governments don't have enough funds to allocate for their development and studies.. so what options do the kids have??? they either work and support their families or they simply go for their studies.. the 2nd option is near to impossible because if they stop working they would starve.. I have done everything in India to fight child labor but it's really complex problem for which there is no easy solution.. I can't blame the government either because I know they are doing the best they can..

  • Hill m

    This is a serious question, and please don't think I'm a jerk, but where are we supposed to get clothes from? I have researched fair trade stores with clothes and literally could not find one I've ever heard of. When I went to their sites, all of them were incredibly expensive. I am a poor college student who wants to try to be a good citizen of the world- but am not sure I can afford it. I mean, Goodwill underpays workers and is a mean profit machine that exploits the mentally handicapped! Salvation Army is anti-gay. The thrift stores in my town are actually expensive (or don't have anything in my size.) I can't sew and don't have the time. Where the heck am I supposed to find clothes? Seriously. Where?

  • Daniil Pintjuk

    well, this is what happens in a free market. the only thing that is ever going to help is government regulation.