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  • NaelRubia44 | Chasse Canards et Pigeons | TheHunter

    La véritable raison de ce ralentissement ?
    Panne d'essence, problème mécanique, ou un simple ralentissement ?

  • Spa-Francorchamps Fan (Archives.FR)

    Franchement j'adore Gilles Della Posta, il est vraiment très bon dans ces situations!

  • supercooled

    That was rather unusual to say the least. Has manor marrussia seen the finish line this season? I hope this kid will learn from this. That was completely avoidable.

  • Z3tona

    You can see the checkered flag waving in the background just above the Speedweek banner, and it looks like Merhi hits the brakes right after he passes it. I think he was used to F1, where everyone tends to slow dramatically right after they cross the finish line, but here it looks like everyone only lifts, if that. It looks like Latifi was mirror-driving (he dove inside to block the car behind, and then didn't try to swerve or brake to avoid Merhi until the last second), and as a WSR regular he obviously wasn't expecting somebody to slow so much right after the finish. In sum, pretty huge brainfart on Merhi's part, but perhaps Latifi could've swerved, since he must've been aware that the guy behind him had left room on his left, and after the finish he really didn't have an excuse to be looking in his mirror.

  • unegrainedefolie

    Il voulait mettre de la gomme sur sa place pour la course suivante. Il est par la suite exclu de la course.

  • jakubkrcma

    MERHI TRIED TO LAY RUBBER ON HIS STARTING SLOT FOR THE NEXT RACE! He should have started from the front row. Drivers were SPECIFICALLY instructed before the race NOT TO SLOW DOWN UNTIL TURN 1!!! Merhi deserves a season ban!!!

  • cristobalmolon

    Mehri anger by sanction him with 10". No further explanation. Between the wall and his car fit two . And I'm Spanish … Correct sanction. Like a 15 years child…