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  • ToSmoooth1

    Such a shame man I remember watching this guy at baylor and he was such a great athlete, he had the potential to be a great nfl QB but his injuries have just engulfed and took over his career. After the dislocated ankle he will never be the same athlete, honestly after the 2nd acl tear it just seemed like he lost trust in his body. Hate when I see injuries ruin careers

  • Cavs_Fan94

    "I could be wrong, but I think Baylor won it's first Heisman tonight."

    What an egotistical thing to say. You would never hear Andrew Luck say anything like this. Luck will always be on a whole different level than Griffin. End of story.

  • RayZon97

    just goes to prove that these athletic spread offense college QBs just aren't that useful to NFL teams. Mariota will most likely be the same.

  • Paul Graves

    Okay I found proof that Baylor should not have won the Alamo bowl against udub when rg3 got a td a bu defender was pulling on Desmond truants jersey also we could have won if Polk did not fumble

  • Joe Mama

    If he had played Division 3 like he probably should have, the Redskins wouldn't have wasted a pick. You can't draft a mentally unstable QB.

  • Antwan Conaway

    Yall act like it didnt take drew brees to change teams before he was great.or that it took yrs for steve young to put it all together to finally become the player that pple thought he would be.Yall talk down on rg3 like its over for him.And talk up luck like he's the greatest thing since sliced bread.Its like yall was waiting on rg3 to slip up so yall can kick him while hes down. But one thing yall are forgetting is that they still have to finish out their careers and as much as yall want to throw luck into the HOF and label rg3 as a bust,its only their third yr as much as you down low racist out there dont like to admit, rg3 was the better player before he got hurt in tht playoff game.rg3 could still turn out to be the better player as time goes on if he can stay healthy.

  • Ivan Deleon

    Don't try to over edit it man we don't really want that getting in the way of seeing his highlights. but dude great video!!!

  • Paul Johnson

    I am still trying to figure out how this guy won the Heisman that year, considering the RB out of WI had almost 30 touchdowns. Still shaking my head at that one.

  • Felix Lighter

    Really people…you come to this specific RG3 highlight reel and you don't have to leave a comment. RG3 turned out not to be an NFL QB. But can we please stop with the character assassination? Unless you somehow know him personally….Youtube comments section is the most dangerous place in the world.