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  • Mello Yello Dawg

    This was my first Georgia / Florida game attending, and what a great one to attend. I got introduced to that arrogant Florida attitude that day. A Florida man, around his late 30's smarted off to me with the f word, I rudely popped it back to him, I was a bold 17 year old. I guess that he didn' like my barking. I sat in the section next to their band, Georgia majorettes wavied at me, because I was standing at the good moments and was by myself in an enemy section. That was a great game.

  • crockwell1966

    I was a UGA student attending this game. The year before, Florida students ended a long losing streak and were allowed to march around the stadium with the goal posts…probably even took them out of the stadium. As Larry said, fans stormed the field(UF was a heavy fav)…me and my buddies were amongst them. However, unlike the previous year…the Jacksonville police surrounded the goal posts like it was Fort Knox, wielding and using billy clubs. There were a few arrests. Nice double standard.