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  • UserName0043

    Face it Cheatriots fans you needed to steal signs from the Steelers to win this game, but its okay. I'm happy with being a fan of the most successful franchise in modern NFL history and having 6 rings.

  • Countryboy_91

    sure we lost to the pats that year BUT you gotta give it to use we went form a shit team to an amazing team after maddox got hurt and made it to the AFC championship game with a rookie qb and a shit O line. but the very next year we won the superbowl :D

  • toby gaffney

    how you steelers enjoying knowing your have a rapist as a QB, shouldn't even be named ben rothlesiberger should be ben rapistburger.

  • Jorge Gaytan

    Cant wait to see a rematch in the afc championship game against the pats at new england. And beat them at home just returning the favor

  • john coronity

    Jerome Bettis another bitter and jealous loser just like Marshall Faulk who lost to the Patriots a few times in the playoffs so he uses his job to whine like a little bitch. They were better than you in those games you lost deal with it pussbag.

  • Miller2h41

    This is one of my favorite games, this one was more sweeter than the 2001 AFC Championship game between these two.

  • robert flynn

    I am amazed at the amount of empty yellow seats. very disappointing – the vaunted Steelers fans are definitely fair weathered.

  • Philip Bourdon

    Even though the BUS was a great player, many times he did a strut after making 7-8 yards. You would think he just made 30 yards. he had a bit of a show-off in him.

  • Dorian keasley

    i was at this game courtesy of my sis being friends with the security so myself along with 3 of my cousins paid only around less than $100 total snuck us in (surprisingly enough after 9/11) but man i tell ya i paid with my ass being so cold never was there ever a day so cold in my life