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  • Epic minecarft

    There is only one thing that is not right. The Seahawks will not go 14-2 they will go 12-4 and the 49ers will win the NFC west. (Hardest division in football). I also think the patriots will make the superbowl vs 49ers. 49ers win 28 to 21.

  • Aidan Nelson

    What do you mean Brady and Manning aren't good QB's? Brady has been to 6 Super Bowls and won 4. (I know this was made before the season, but come on). Manning's also been to multiple Super Bowls, so that comment makes no sense.

  • Shadows Gaming- Part of Sky Gaming Clan

    These are the best predictions on youtube! All of its accurate its wonderful

  • Shadows Gaming- Part of Sky Gaming Clan

    Although dont like that the saints choke in the playoffs lol just coz theyre my team

  • juan gonzalez

    Broncos 14-2
    Pats 12-4
    Colts 12-4
    Bengals 11-5
    Jets 9-7
    Chargers 9-7

    Colts>chargers Bengals>jets
    Pats>Colts Broncos>Bengals

    Broncos AFC champs

  • jt wwe

    Not trying to be a hater because I am a dolphins fan but how do you see the dolphins going 4-12 after adding a pro bowl running back and a pro bowl linemen, after just missing the playoffs last year

  • brenrocks15

    The browns are a underrated team they may even make the playoffs the division is at the weakest it has been in a couple years

  • juan gonzalez

    Saints 13-3
    Seahawks 12-4
    Packers 11-5
    Cowboys 10-6
    49ers 12-4

    Packers>lions 49ers>Dallas
    Saints>49ers. Seahawks>lions


    Saints nfcchamps

  • Austin Love

    Liked the picks but gotta pick the colts over 49ers. I remember the colts crushed them with their run game last season and the 49ers defense has took a crash loosing bowman. The colts have the best passing attack in the league too with reggie, Ty Hilton, and Hakeem nicks. And if there improved defense is good this year the colts will easily handle the NFC in the Super Bowl.

  • Bcrowlz98

    Ok your a fucking idiot when it came to the playoffs brady has the highest playoff win percentage and the most playoff wins out of all the qbs